Home Sweet Home! – Banner City Bikers return from Utah

From Blake Scharine:

The last installment of BCBikers trip to Utah has arrived.

In the past 4 articles, I’ve shared incredible sights to see, exceptional roads to ride and great places to visit. The one thing that all these things have in common is that we were able to share the experiences with great friends.

Many times we take friendship and comradery for granted, but it’s very obvious God has blessed me with an awesome group of friends that share the love of biking & travel.

Included in this last article are some of my favorite pics, the ones with my friends…

Well, Utah 2018 has come to a close…

  • logging in over 4200 miles
  • temperatures from 48°-108°
  • hundreds of twisties & switchbacks
  • Vistas unmatched anywhere on earth
  • … and time with friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Until next year,
God’s Strength & Grace!


This is the final part of the Banner City Bikers’ trip to Torrey, Utah. For part 1, ; part 2, ; part 3, ; part 4, 

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