Rides, rides and more rides! – Part 3 of the Banner City Bikers in Utah

From Blake Scharine:

Greetings Whitewater & beyond,

We all have been hunkered down at the Broken Spur Inn and Steakhouse in Torrey, Utah (ok, almost all, more details to follow). We highly recommend this place. It has great rooms, amenities and an excellent restaurant on site. Everything we want when staying in the boonies of Utah.

The formula for our trips involves getting to our main destination in 2 or 3 days and 4-6 nights at our home base hotel.

So from Saturday to Tuesday, our group knocked out a ton of great motorcycle routes.

Capital Reef National Park
Spectacular towering rock formations with deep red color, winding pavement for nearly 25 miles

Fish Lake loop
Curvy country roads to a beautiful lake setting.. watch out for all the cattle ‘landmines!”

Bryce Canyon
One road in & One road out; Rivals the Grand Canyon without the crowds. Bright orange spires, crazy rock formations, thousands of acres of canyon grown rock towers and tremendous viewing pull-offs to get the best pictures. This canyon appears to go on forever.

Red Canyon
This one is a bit shorter drive-thru but right up next to the pavement. Deep red columns, 2 rock tunnels and massive rock walls with alien looking rock spindles called “hoo doos”

Arches National Park & Moab
A 108° day but 16 miles in and 16 back allowing one to pull into a missed attraction with ease on the travel back. This park had a bit more hiking into the attractions so we did mostly pull-offs and got to see a couple miraculous stone arches, huge volcanic mountains. Afterward, we visited a familiar pair of arches in Moab. Apparently, those arches have served millions!

Utah-Hwy 12 (some call the devil’s backbone)
NEWLY PAVED!! an awesome stretch of about 70 miles. Tall thick forest, deep layers of canyon formations, and an eerie view of 10s of thousands of acres of desolation. All this is 2nd to about 3mi stretch that has 1000′ drop offs w/no shoulder or guard rail. The new pavement, from 6 yrs ago, added a 6″ curb on each side. (To give you the impression of safety.)

Burr Trail
A hidden gem!!! 18mi paved; huge crevices almost caves where water runs through in spring. Riding along canyon walls 1000′ up, wow! VERY little traffic. Thx Patty n Cliff for finding this one!

God really has created heaven on earth here, we see glimpses of it at home and full panoramas of it out here… amazing.

Til next time.

The next installment of the Banner City Bikers’ trip to Torrey, Utah will be posted as sent in by members of the group. For part 1,  ; part 2,

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