Banner City Bikers undertake trip to Utah – Part 2

From Blake Scharine on August 5, 2018:

Greetings from Silverthorne, CO!

After leaving the 95-100° heat, long, straight and flat roads of Nebraska we journeyed to Silverthorne, CO. Just west of Denver. The scenery quickly went from huge steer lots and lush 10′ tall corn to mountains, curving highways and plenty of traffic.

Thankfully the temps cooled down as the corn disappeared and we even got a light mist of rain for 5 min, although not enough to even begin to take the first layer of bugs off the bikes. Rain is a factor on a motorcycle, as you can imagine.

*When do I pull over for the group?
*Do I watch my radar and pull over pre-emptively?
*If just light rain, keep going & wait if it gets heavier?
*If heavy, do I find the quickest exit under a gas station roof?


Well, I don’t carry raingear so I debate with myself what to do for the group as I’m riding. This happened Thursday night… it began to spit rain and the wheels started turning but about exactly 5 seconds from the first drop, guess what song popped up on my music list… “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”!! 15 hours of downloaded music on shuffle and that comes on. God has an awesome sense of humor!

The next morning, leaving Colorado, it rained quite heavy for over an hour, leaving a dose of wet reality that Colorado really needs rain and even though we pray for dry riding, residents are praying for much-needed moisture.

Heading from Silverthorne, CO our next stop is destination Torrey, UT for 5 nights. Even though it’s interstate… I believe I-70 through Glen Canyon may be the most scenic of any interstate in the US and it goes on for a good chunk of time!

Exiting off I-70 to Utah 24 was spectacular and was like a 90-mile scenery crescendo! It began with canyonland type rock plateaus to Red towers of rock. To weaving through great vertical rock walls mountains of bright mineral striped bases and all the while swerving through 45 miles of brand new pavement!

Thank you, God, for keeping us safe all the way & astounding us with your creation.


The next installment of the Banner City Bikers’ trip to Torrey, Utah will be posted as sent in by members of the group. For part 1, 

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