Banner City Bikers undertake trip to Utah

From Blake Scharine on August 3, 2018:

Greetings friends!

Our 15th annual Banner City Biker summer trip took off from Jessica’s after a healthy breakfast. The destination this year is Torrey, Utah, on the west edge of Capital Reef Park, a stunning area of rocks and spires, canyons, monster rock outcroppings and huge cliffs!

Our group is just a bit smaller in numbers (life got in the way for some of our regulars) but we have some new riders as well! Our first stop will be Fremont Nebraska!

Heres the crew for 2018 Utah… 16 bikes and 22 people: Blake Scharine, Jeff & Kathy Foreyt, Cliff & Patty Storlie, Dick & Janet Jones, Russ & Mary Rogers, Rich & Vicki Noel, Rick & Samantha Noel, Mark & Marge Knudson, Scot & Joan Klabunde, Fred Klabunde & Karen Sautbine, Mike (Skippy) Mills, John Sanderson, and Jim Pieper.

It looks dry & hot in the forecast and that’s biking weather.

Day 1 was about 475 miles with the plan to meet John Sanderson

In Fremont.  Average temp was 85 – 90 degrees thru most of the ride. We made a stop at JP cycle in Anamosa, IA and kept pushing through Iowa. Did you know there is a ton of corn and hogs all through Iowa? Well of course you did! Crops look great over here as they do at home. Lots of flat open road to cover as we enter Nebraska…until my next installment.

Be safe & thankful!

The next installment of the Banner City Bikers’ trip to Torrey, Utah will be posted tomorrow, August 6, 2018.

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