Whitewater Girls’ Tennis Falls to East Troy

While Whitewater still fell 7-0 to defending conference champion East Troy, the match was much more competitive with several matches much closer than the match played between the two earlier in the year.

We still need to make major improvements in our aggressiveness and our footwork. I was pleased with progress that we have made. Our number two doubles team of Melanie Reyes and Mariana Cano showed a huge step forward from the first time these two teams played. In the earlier match the duo lost 6-2, 6-2 and in tonight’s matchup they closed it to a 6-4, 7-5 loss. We have to continue to work on improving these areas that make the difference in matches as we get ready for our next conference match.

This Monday the Whippets face Jefferson at 4pm at WHS.


1S Cassidy Laue lost Lauren Lindow 0-6, 0-6

2S Kaitlyn Partoll lost Syd Raddeman 2-6, 2-6

3S Tessa Papcke lost Jessica Tess 1-6, 0-6

4S Josie Hintz lost Izzy Galluzzo 4-6, 4-6

1D Odessa Sonn lost S.Rondeau/K.Metcalf 4-6, 4-6

Sophie Olson

2D Melanie Reyes lost O.Fitch/E.Scurek 4-6, 5-7

Mariana Cano

3D Katelyn Lashley lost O.Egle/E.Stern 3-6, 5-7

Emily Scherer

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