Girls’ Basketball Falls in Opener; Games Can Be Watched Online

Whitewater Girls’ Basketball fell to Lake Mills in their season opener on Tuesday, November 24, 62-23. The young Whippets were down 26-14 at the half. Captain Kacie Carollo scored 15 for the Whippets with additional points added by Lexi Juoni, Jenna Pope, and Kindyl Kilar.

Total fouls were even with 14 for Lake Mills and 13 for Whitewater. Ten of Lake Mills’ fouls came in the first half.

2020-2021 Whippet Roster

3Nikita Hartzheim11Guard
4Jenna Pope10Guard
10Savannah Hill11Guard
14Kindyl Kilar10Guard/Forward
15Kacie Carollo12Guard
21Mayte Navejas9Guard
22Danielle DePorter9Guard
23Cali Kopecky10Guard
30Aidyn Amundson9Forward
32Lexi Juoni11Guard
33Gwen Truesdale11Guard/Forward
35Cora Linos12Forward/Center

The Whippets are coached by Kristen Lippens.

The Rock Valley Conference is not allowing spectators at games this season, but many games if not all will be livestreamed. Watch the Whitewater High School Facebook page for information on how to watch each away game. Catch all home Whippet basketball and wrestling matches streaming live on YouTube. The channel URL is After going to that link, you’ll need to subscribe to the channel, and you should be all set. The games will be under the videos tab and should start recording approximately 10-15 minutes before each game. 

A New Seasonal Feature – Hunters’ & Fishers’ Showcase – First submission is in sports

By Lynn Binnie
Whitewater Banner volunteer staff

A reader shared this suggestion with the Banner:

“I am writing to offer an idea for you to consider for the future Mid-November issues of the Banner.  Every year when I return to my hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I am always excited to grab the Clark County Press off the coffee table and pull out the Hunters’ Guide.  This Seasonal sectional to the paper showcases the past year’s hunters and fishers and their success participating in our wonderful outdoor Wisconsin traditions.  A first time hunter with their first deer, a young angler catching their first fish, a family group picture of “buck camp” or “fishing trip,” seasoned veterans landing a big musky, black bear, or whitetail buck…it is always exciting to see friends, family, and neighbors enjoying our great outdoors with family, and inspiring the next generation of Wisconsin Outdoorsmen.  The success isn’t always in or near my hometown either.  Many former members of town (myself included) have sent back photos and stories to share.  I hope you will give the idea some thought and maybe help inspire some of our citizens to get outdoors and join in our wonderfully unique fall traditions!”

We would have been happy to share this reader’s name, but since we haven’t received permission to do so, you’ll have to ponder whether you know someone who hails from Clark County.

We’re happy to try this idea, so we encourage sportspeople to submit photos and/or stories related to your 2020 outdoor experiences. Although some of the stories will likely be featured in our “news” area, most will probably be found in the “sports” section. In particular we will not be featuring photos on our homepage that some non-hunters/fishers may prefer not to see. Let the boasting begin! Send your submissions to Thanks.

Houwers Takes Two State Titles

The Whippets started out strong at State! Our Medley relay (Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers, Grace Foucault, Amber Krebs) finished in 9th place with a 1.63 second time drop and moved up one place from where they were seeded with a time of 1:54.54.

Brooke Bazeley, Ella Houwers, Grace Foucault, Amber Krebs, Sophia Fanshaw – Photo courtesy of Gina Foucault

Grace Foucault raced well in the 200 Freestyle, placing 13th overall! It was great to see this sophomore qualify in two individual events plus two relays!

After finishing in second place last year in the 200 Individual Medley, Ella Houwers took charge and raced hard to win this year. Way to go Ella! Ella’s time of 2:06.90 was a season best time!

Grace Foucault rocked her 2nd individual event, the 100 Backstroke. Grace continued to drop time after a great Sectional race and re-broke her own School Record with a 1:00.97 winning her heat and finished in 9th overall!

Ella raced to her third State Title in the 100 Breaststroke! Ella posted a 1:05.27 season best time! Congratulations on four very successful years of swimming at Whitewater High School.

The Whippets ended the night on a high note finishing 8th in the 400 Freestyle Relay (Foucault, Krebs, Fanshaw, Houwers) dropping 4.79 seconds from last week’s Sectional time with a 3:47.68. All four swimmers posted best times with their splits. Grace Foucault is now 3rd overall on the Top Ten All Times list in the 100 Freestyle with her lead off split of 56.27. Seniors Amber Krebs and Sophia Fanshaw both dropped under a minute on their splits finishing their high school swim careers with fantastic swims. Ella Houwers rounded out a great day anchoring the relay in a 52.98. I am so proud of these ladies and Brooke Bazeley our alternate for their hard work this season and for their success at the State meet.

Article and Photos Submitted by Coach Gina Foucault

Whippets Place 2nd at the Whitewater Sectional Meet, Qualify 6 Events for State Swim

It was certainly a great day to be a Whippet! The Whippets won 5 of 11 races and posted 17 out of 19 best times! Every team member scored points toward our team total. Event winners at each of the 4 Sectionals are automatic qualifiers for the State meet with the next 12 fastest times in all Sectionals combined also qualifying.

The 200 Medley Relay team started the meet off with a win ensuring a trip to the State meet next Friday. The team of Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers, Grace Foucault, and Amber Krebs posted a season best time with their splits dropping over 2 seconds.

In the 200 Freestyle, Grace Foucault placed 2nd dropping over 2 seconds off her season best time. Amber Krebs raced to a 5th place finish, while teammate Karime Velazquez placed 12th with an 8 second drop, and Ashly Xochipa placed 14th with a best time scoring points for our team. The top 16 places in each event score points for our team.

Ella Houwers was the repeat Champion in the 200 Individual Medley with a season best time and earned a trip to State in this event.

Vicki Ramirez, Josie Treder and Brooke Bazeley all swam best times in the 50 Freestyle. Brooke Bazeley was able to finish in 11th place.

Vicki Ramirez and Karime Velazquez both dropped time in the 100 Butterfly with Vicki finishing in 10th place and Karime finishing in 9th, scoring points for the team.

Brooke Bazeley raced to a 6th place finish in the 500 Freestyle with a 14 second drop. What a great swim!

Our 200 Freestyle Relay of Ashly Xochipa, Karime Velazquez, Josie Treder, and Brooke Bazeley finished in 6th place with all splits being their personal best to finish with a season best time overall.

Ashly Xochipa continued to race well in the 100 Backstroke along with teammates Sophia Fanshaw and Grace Foucault. Sophia went a best time and placed second. Grace Foucault earned a trip to State with her win in the 100 Backstroke. Grace was also able to break the School Record formerly held by Ella Houwers, with her 1:01.36 in the 100 Backstroke.

Josie Treder continued to swim well dropping 10 seconds in the 100 Breaststroke and placed 11th. Sophia Fanshaw raced 3 events in a row and did well with a best time in the 100 Breaststroke placing 4th overall. Ella Houwers won the Breaststroke again with a 1:06.87 earning an automatic trip to State in this event also.

With very little rest, Sophia Fanshaw and Ella Houwers were joined by teammates Grace Foucault and Amber Krebs to win the last race of the day, the 400 Freestyle Relay. These four swimmers have automatically qualified both their relays for State today by winning their races.

We will await the final results of all the Sectionals to see if any more events qualify for the State meet. State will take place on Friday at Waukesha South High School.

Congratulations to the Whippets on a great team effort today!

It’s official, the Whippets have added another event to the list of events headed to State this Friday. Congratulations to Grace Foucault on adding the 200 Freestyle to our list events for State on Friday!

Whitewater Qualifiers:

  • 200 Medley Relay: Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers, Grace Foucault, Amber Krebs, Alternate Brooke Bazeley
  • 200 Freestyle – Grace Foucault
  • 200 Individual Medley – Ella Houwers
  • 100 Backstroke – Grace Foucault
  • 100 Breaststroke – Ella Houwers
  • 400 Freestyle Relay: Grace Foucault, Amber Krebs, Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers, Alternate Brooke Bazeley

Article Submitted by Coach Gina Foucault

Whippets Race their Exhibition Swims Well at the Conference Meet

Whitewater entered the Southern Lakes Conference swim meet on Saturday, October 31, with no chance at medals or a Conference Championship due to a late start to their season. In the SLC Conference, dual meets count towards the Conference title. Whitewater was unable to have dual meets until October 6. Despite this unfortunate situation, the girls raced hard and posted some great times! Listed below is the meet recap along with where they placed in the meet, had they been allowed to place and score. Top 16 places normally score points.

The 200 Medley Relays started the meet off strong with all 8 relay splits being best times. The B Medley Relay of Ashly Xochipa, Josie Treder, Karime Velazquez, and Brooke Bazeley finished in 9th place. The A Medley Relay of Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers, Grace Fanshaw, and Amber Krebs raced to a third place finish with their season best time.

Grace Foucault continued to race well, placing 2nd in the 200 Freestyle with a best time. Ella Houwers won the 200 Individual Medley, beating the field by over 4 seconds. Ashley Xochipa had an outstanding day finishing in 14th place in the 50 Freestyle with a 1.5 second time drop. Brooke Bazeley raced to a 9th place finish in the 50 Freestyle.

Karime Velazquez and Vicki Ramirez both swam well in the 100 Butterfly. Karime posted a best time and finished in 12th place, with Vicki taking 14th place with her 6 second drop. 

Amber Krebs raced the 500 Freestyle with a well split race to finish 6th overall, while teammate Brooke Bazeley swam to an 8th place finish with her best time by over 7 seconds.

Our 200 Freestyle Relay of Brooke Bazeley, Vicki Ramirez, Ashly Xochipa, and Karime Velazquez swam to a 9th place finish.

All four backstroke swimmers finished in the top 16. Grace Foucault finished 2nd with a nice 2 second drop, Sophia Fanshaw posted her season best time finishing in 6th place overall, Ashly Xochipa finished in 12th with a best time, while teammate Karime Velazquez finished in 15th.

Ella Houwers secured 2nd place in the 100 Breaststroke with a season best time. Josie Treder finished in 13th and Vicki Ramirez dropped 5 seconds to finish in 14th place in the 100 Breaststroke.

Rounding out the day was the 400 Freestyle relay of Grace Foucault, Amber Krebs, Sophia Fanshaw, and Ella Houwers swimming to a season best time and 4th place finish.

I am very proud of these girls and their swims. We will be at it again next Saturday for Sectionals at our own pool. Watch us race on the Whitewater High School Facebook page starting at 11:30 a.m.

Article Submitted by Coach Gina Foucault

Whippet Swimmers Down Delavan-Darien in first WHS Sporting Event in 216 Days

Whitewater 89 vs Delavan-Darien 80

After 216 days with no competition for any Whitewater sport teams, the Girls Swim team was ready to race hard against Delavan-Darien.  The girls beat Delavan-Darien 89-80 with a strong group effort. The girls were very excited to get in and compete!  Leading the way by 18 seconds in the 200 Medley Relay was the team of Sophia Fanshaw, Ella Houwers, Grace Foucault and Amber Krebs.  Other first place finishes from the meet include Ella Houwers in the 200 Individual Medley and 100 Breaststroke, Sophia Fanshaw in the 50 Freestyle, Grace Foucault in the 100 Butterfly and 100 Backstroke, Amber Krebs in the 500 Freestyle and our 400 Freestyle relay of Amber Krebs, Karime Velazquez, Brooke Bazeley and Ella Houwers.

Sophomore Brooke Bazeley swam well in what is considered some of the tougher races.  Brooke scored great points for the team with her 3rd place finishes in both the 200 Individual Medley and 500 Freestyle.  Brooke also had to lead off the 200 Freestyle relay immediately after finishing the 500 Freestyle and posted a 29.54 in that relay.

Our newcomers really did an outstanding job after only 8 practices to gain knowledge and experience.  Vicki Ramirez earned many points with her ability to swim all 4 strokes well and raced particularly well in the 100 Butterfly and 100 Breaststroke.  Trinity Nickels took on the 500 Freestyle in her first meet as a Whippet and swam an incredibly well paced race that earned points for the team. Aileen Perez showed great improvement in just one week by dropping a whopping 25 seconds in the 50 Freestyle; this is one determined swimmer!  Skylar Staebler not only raced the Varsity 100 Freestyle, but was able to score points with her strong performance.

Returning swimmers Ashly Xochipa, Josie Treder, Karime Velazquez and Ella Smith helped add depth to our team with their prior experience and willingness to push through pain.  Ashly continued right where she left off last year posting a lifetime best time in the 100 Backstroke to score points for the team. Josie Treder finished especially strong in the 100 Breaststroke and 100 Freestyle on the 400 Freestyle relay which earned some very important points to help us secure the win. Karime Velazquez had an outstanding night with her performances in the 200 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly swimming right on her best times from last year.  Ella Smith pushed through the 200 IM to earn some much needed points for the Whippets in addition to her 100 Freestyle.  Having these veterans ready to race with knowledge from previous years was a huge part of our win tonight.

It was truly a great first meet. I am very proud of these girls and can’t wait to see what we can do in our next meet with a little more time in the pool.

Article Submitted by Coach Gina Foucault

Fort HealthCare Completes Summer Virtual 5K Run Series; Winter Virtual 5K is next

(Fort HealthCare Press Release) – Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fort HealthCare wanted to offer the community heart-healthy activities that could be done safely with the entire family, with physical distancing in place. During the summer of 2020, Fort HealthCare implemented the Summer Virtual 5k Run Series. This free series included four different “races” that were held one time per month between June and September. Participants completed a virtual 5k —meaning, they walked or ran 3.1 miles on a course that they chose or completed by treadmill. Once completed, they submitted their time and were put on a virtual leaderboard that tracked their overall place compared to all participants.

The summer series started as a single virtual 5k event over Memorial Day weekend. After over 100 participants registered and completed the race, the momentum and success of the event convinced Fort HealthCare’s Community Health and Wellness Team to create an entire series of races throughout the summer. Three races fell on unofficial/official holiday weekends (Summer Solstice, Fourth of July, and Labor Day) and the final race in August was slated as the “Dog Days of Summer” race.

Tiffany Pernat, Fort HealthCare Worksite Wellness Specialist, reflects, “Participants were also given a free Team Fort HealthCare T-shirt if they completed all four races as a fun incentive for participating. While the T-shirt was a great motivation for some, as completion emails came through, it became apparent that the event was also giving people important motivation and encouragement toward living healthier lifestyles, and in some cases, even courage, to step outside of their comfort zone and so something they’ve never tried before.”

Bob Head, a four-race finisher, wrote to Fort HealthCare, “This event truly made an impact on me. It kept me challenged and accountable. I can’t thank you enough! It’s made a huge impact on my life. These were the first 5ks I ever had the courage to sign-up for.”

Pernat continues, “Many of the participants during this challenge were from the same family or friend group, and we also had many who completed the entire challenge together.”

Area resident, Kati Wetzel, and her daughter, Lydia, completed all four races, and she notes, “I can guarantee we would not have run these this summer without the Virtual 5k Series, and the lure of a free T-shirt! Thank you!”

The final completion numbers for each race were as follows:

  • June: 138 race completions
  • July: 128 race completions
  • August: 124 race completions
  • September: 113 race completions

A total of 503 individuals completed a virtual 5k over the course of the summer series.

In addition to the individual event completions, there were 98 participants that completed all four races. They are: Amie Ramczyk, Angie Adler, April Findlay, Ashlyn Rulis, Barbara Schmitt, Becky Bohn, Bly Kramer, Bob Head, Brian Sullivan, Bringa Johnson, Cari Polodna, Carol Combs, Cassidy Sampson, Cecilia Smoniewski, Christopher Eiden, Dani Miller, Dani Saltz, Debby Kitsembel, Donald Schmitt, Ebee Voth, Erin Romagna, Erin Topp, Hannah Baldry, Heather Evenson, Heather Haywood, Jeff Helgestad, Jeff Kawleski, Jena Lenz, Jenna Loomans, Jennifer Kawleski, Jennifer Tanis, Jenny Schmitt, Jesse Brandt, Jessica Kozak, Jessica Krause, Joann Helgestad, Jody Mack, Joely Mack, Julia Neppl, Julie Kusel, Julie Schmocker, Kaity Schmear, Kateri Kawleski, Katherine Gorman, Kati Wetzel, Katy Schaefer, Kelly Eiden, Kierah Findlay, Kiernan Kawleski, Krista O’Dell, Kristen McCulloch, Laura Walker, Lauren Mayer, Laurie Linberts, Laurie McGowan, Libby Krause, Liesl Kemmeter, Lindsay Poeppel, Lisa Jensen, Lisa Kvalheim, Lisa Weber, Lydia Wetzel, Madalyn Kawleski, Mark Mack, Martha Ketterman, Mary Heagney, Melissa Overhouse, Michelle Heagney, Mike Cole, Minerva Ramirez, Misty Renz-Sanchez, Morgan Brandt, Morgan Pinzer, Nicole Mepham, Niki Lenz, Nikki Storm, Owen Geiger, Patti Linse, Penny Sullivan, Rebecca Cole, Rebecca Uecker,vRenee Wesenberg, Rob Wiesmann, Ryan Pernat, Sarah Elsner, Sarah Pagenkopf, Sean Walker, Shamika Ross, Sherri Elsner, Stephanie Nottestad, Suzi Koehn, Tammy Nelson, Tanya Geiger, Tara Miller, Tiffany Pernat, TJ Walker, Traci Wilson, and Tracy Apkarian.

Winter Virtual 5K Series

Due to the success of the Summer Virtual 5k Series, Fort HealthCare is excited to offer a Winter 5k Series that will begin in October and finish in February of 2021. A total of six FREE virtual races will be offered. Races will be offered one time per month, with two races in November. Once registered, participants can select a day, time and route to run during the race timeline and complete their 3.1 miles. Once completed, they are encouraged to submit proof of completion to Fort HealthCare via email, and their time will be recorded.

As an incentive, each race that is completed will equal one entry into a Grand Prize Drawing that will take place in February 2021, after the series is completed. Participants that complete all six races will receive six drawing entries. All ages are encouraged to participate and eligible to win the prize.

Participants of all ages are encouraged to register in as many races as they’d like to during the series. Interested individuals can register at More information and instructions about how to participate in the event can be found on the online registration page. If using social media to share progress and positivity, players are invited to use the hashtag #HealthiestHereWeCome in their posts and to tag @FortHealthCare.

WW Youth Traveling Basketball Club Registering Girls, Grades 4-8, until next Wed., 9/16

Whitewater Youth Basketball Traveling Club (WWTYBC) is looking for girls from 4th-8th grades interested in playing basketball this year. Badger Developmental League (BDL) starts at the beginning of January and goes until the end of March of 2021. Practice would begin during the first week of December. There are no definite times or dates for a start as of now. The league is looking for a number of how many will participate for each grade level in the community. BDL wants an idea of what they will have for teams when the league starts. There will be no fee for play until we know more about what is going to happen with the league. We need to know a yes or a no. Unfortunately, a maybe will be considered a no.  This is not ideal but this is what BDL is asking for.  We are only opening registration through Whitewater Park and Rec until next week Wednesday, Sept. 16.   Once teams are solidified, a player fee and uniform order will be arranged.  WWTYBC needs and appreciates your cooperation, patience and understanding during these times. If you have any questions, please email

UW-W Represented by 373 on WIAC Scholastic Honor Roll, Including Six WHS Grads

WHITEWATER, WI (08/05/2020)– A total of 373 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student-athletes representing all 22 of the institution’s varsity sport programs were named to the 2019-20 Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Honor Roll.

The Warhawks’ 12 women’s teams had 200 honorees, while 173 student-athletes from the 10 men’s teams garnered Scholastic Honor Roll accolades. The Honor Roll is part of the “WIAC Scholar-Athlete Recognition Program”.

In addition to the 373 individual awards, UW-Whitewater was named an All-Academic institution as student-athletes earned a GPA equal to, or greater than, the collective GPA of the overall student body.

To be eligible for the list, student-athletes must have carried a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. More than 50 percent of the WIAC’s student-athletes achieved Honor Roll status.

See below for a sport-by-sport breakdown of UW-Whitewater’s 2019-20 WIAC Scholastic Honor Roll student-athletes.

Men’s Sports (173):

Baseball – 23 student-athletes

Basketball – 8

Cross Country/Track and Field – 43 (9 for both)

Football – 55

Soccer – 15

Swimming and Diving – 8

Tennis – 9

Wrestling – 12

Women’s Sports (200):

Basketball – 15

Bowling – 15

Cross Country/Track and Field – 47 (15 for both)

Golf – 13

Gymnastics – 15

Soccer – 26

Softball – 24

Swimming and Diving – 17

Tennis – 14

Volleyball – 14

The following UW-Whitewater student-athletes from your coverage area were named to the 2019-20 WIAC Scholastic Honor Roll:

Rebekah Schumacher of Whitewater (Whitewater High School), a junior on the women’s basketball team majoring in elementary education.

Billie Jo Parker of Whitewater (Whitewater High School), a sophomore on the golf team majoring in art (graphic design).

Anna Yeazel of Whitewater (Whitewater High School), a junior on the women’s swimming & diving team majoring in physical education.

Miranda Reynolds of Whitewater (Whitewater High School), a freshman on the women’s track and field team majoring in undeclared.

Kailey Reynolds of Whitewater (Whitewater High School), a sophomore on the women’s track and field team majoring in physical education.

Catherine Yang of Whitewater (Whitewater High School), a freshman on the volleyball team majoring in undeclared.

For more than 150 years, UW-Whitewater has provided students with the education and training to begin their careers with a solid foundation behind them. The UW-Whitewater is committed to the development of the individual, the growth of personal and professional integrity and respect for diversity and global perspectives. These are met by providing academic and co-curricular programs that emphasize the pursuit of knowledge and understanding and a commitment to service within a safe and secure environment.