We’re All In Grant Program Phase 2 Announced for Wisconsin Small Businesses

(News release from Whitewater Community Development Authority)

Governor Evers has announced Phase 2 of the We’re All In Small Business
Grant program, providing $5,000 to at least 10,000 Wisconsin small businesses.

With COVID-19 affecting many small businesses statewide and in Whitewater, this grant will assist with the
cost of health and safety improvements, wages and salaries, rent, mortgages and additional funding needs.
The grant is funded by the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

To qualify for the We’re All In Small Business Grant, the business needs the following:
• the business started operating prior to January 1, 2020 and operated in 2020;
• the business is Wisconsin-based and for-profit; it employs 50 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE)
employees, including the owner; and
• it has more than $0 but less than $1 million in annual revenues.

Businesses will NOT be eligible for the grant if they are part of a national chain, unless the business is a thirdparty franchise; the business must not be a governmental unit or primarily engaged in any of the following
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes beginning with:
• 111XXX – Crop Production
• 112XXX – Animal Production or Aquaculture
• 5311XX – Lessors of Real Estate
• 813XXX – Nonprofit Organizations

If applying for the grant, businesses will need their 2019 tax information and identify the North American
Industry Classification System (NAICS) code: This information may be included in a business’s tax return, or
through the NAICS website: https://www.naics.com/naics-code-description/.

Businesses interested in applying for the We’re All In Small Business Grant can visit the Department of
Revenue website at https://www.revenue.wi.gov from Monday, October 19th through November 2nd
“I hope to see all small businesses in Whitewater take advantage of this grant,” said Cathy Anderson,
Economic Director for the City of Whitewater. “This is open to everyone and most will qualify. I would love to
see those who could use this boost receive the assistance they deserve in order to continue to thrive in our

For more information or questions, contact Cathy Anderson, Economic Developer Director at 262-473-0148 or

The City of Whitewater provides efficient and high-quality services which support living, learning, playing and
working in an exceptional community. Visit www.whitewater-wi.gov for community information and updates.

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