Susan Bresser is a Hometown Hero

Susan Bresser, Pastor of the First United Methodist Church, was awarded the WUL Hometown Hero Award on Friday “For leading with joy, clarity, good humor, compassion and love, and for empowering people to care for all in need.”

Hometown Hero Award Susan Bresser

Amy Waelchli said, “Susan Bresser is a hometown hero of mine. Susan impacts our community with her joy, good humor, love, and compassion that cannot be contained. She empowers people to serve this community – her congregation is feeding so many people. She supports fellow clergy like me. She leads with clarity that does not falter in difficult times or when facing opposition. She speaks the truth that God loves ALL people and she lives it out. On top of it all, she is an excellent wife, mother, and grandmother, and friend. Susan is my hometown hero and, I believe, is one for all who know her.”

When asked why she does such good work, Susan said, “I love people! It is important especially now, we have to be here for one another and fortunately I can be here for people. Whitewater is amazing! This is awesome! Thank you.”

WUL (Whitewater Unites Lives) is a locally-focused civil and human rights group that works to connect the people in our community and to create opportunities for all people to learn and support each other in our common humanity.   

Anyone who would like to nominate a local hero of any age should send their nomination, with a short description, to 

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