Sandra Ramirez is a Hometown Hero

Sandra Ramirez has been nominated as a WUL Hometown Hero.  Her nomination includes, “Although not a Whitewater resident, Sandra Ramirez is a teacher at Washington Elementary School, and she was instrumental in keeping our students and teachers connected through weekly virtual assemblies, setting up the technology, making videos, and keeping everything running smoothly during the spring school semester of COVID 19.”


Sandra said, “When all of a sudden technology is all we had to be able to connect with each other, I saw an opportunity to do just that. All virtual assemblies and videos were a group effort. They brought us very special moments. As a school community we had a venue to laugh, to vent, to reflect, and even to cry. We did what we needed in order to regain a sense of normalcy. In retrospect, it gave me a new purpose and helped me get through it all easier.”

WUL (Whitewater Unites Lives) is a locally-focused civil and human rights group that works to connect the people in our community and to create opportunities for all people to learn and support each other in our common humanity.   

 Anyone who would like to nominate a local hero of any age should send their nomination, with a short description, to 

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