Our Readers Share:David Yochum – “The World As We Knew It – The Start of Social and Physical Distancing – 2020”

Our Readers Share: David Yochum developed a poignant but beautiful slideshow titled “The World as We Knew It,” featuring photography by David and by Ron Binning, set to a song by Don Graham, a well known Canadian country singer. When David asked if we could have permission to share the song on the Banner, Don’s reply was, “sure thing.”

Our appreciation to David for this meaningful contribution.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Don Graham, here’s a link to the bio on his website.

Our Readers Share: Have You Created (or Seen) a Timely Poem/Photo/Short Story/Drawing, Etc. That You’d Like to Share with Banner Readers?

Those of us who spend time on social media (Facebook, etc.) have had plenty of opportunities to contribute and/or view all sorts of expressions that have been inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting isolation and “free time.”  There have been thoughts shared about positive ways that our life might be changed going forward, suggestions for good ways to spend time at home alone or with family, ideas for things for children to do, online learning resources, or online arts resources – virtual museum visits, ballet, etc. There have also been some beautiful photographs of scenes and wildlife in our area. Those who aren’t on social media may not have had much opportunity to see this sort of thing, and they might appreciate seeing some of the “gems” without having to put up with the ads, the clutter, and the negativity that sometimes comes with social media.

We hope that you might have something that you’d be willing to share.  Anything that’s been created by someone else should, of course, be credited, and you should ask their permission if you’re able. We cannot post copyrighted material without permission. We can’t guarantee that we’ll have space for all submissions, and contributions will be subject to editorial board approval. The one definite exclusion is anything politically oriented. Please indicate whether you’re willing for us to include your name as the submitter or if you prefer to remain anonymous.  At least for now, no more than two submissions per person, please.  Send to whitewaterbanner@gmail.com or click on “submit a story” near the top right of our homepage.  Thanks for thinking about this!  

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