Our First “Expanded” Life Event – Sue Stanley Turns 75!

By Marcia James

Sue Stanley turns 75!

Sue and her husband Tom live in Prairie Village.  Sue is known for volunteering in the community.  As someone who has had both knees replaced, she gives back as a joint camp volunteer at Fort Memorial Hospital.  She works with people who have had their knees replaced.  Also, she volunteers at the Bassett House through her membership in the Minneiska​ women’s group.  Finally, she organizes Bridge at the Real McCoy’s on Tuesdays where as many as four tables play after lunch.

Sue’s friend, Marcia James, has a son Griffin James who is a 1999 graduate of Whitewater High School and the band director for Baraboo Schools.  Marcia learned that his students initiated a car parade so that students could say “we miss you” to their teachers.  Griffin and his wife Katie–the choir director for Wisconsin Dells School District–greeted them by playing their euphoniums as the students drove by and honked their horns.  

Therefore, Marcia contacted members of their Bridge group and other friends of Sue and the response was wonderful.  Seventeen cars drove by Sue’s house and honked their horns.  Many had decorated their vehicles with signs, flowers, and balloons.  Participants included Evie and Magee Schneider, Karla Heimerl, Dottie Koenitzer, Nancy and Jerry Wendt, Mary Kenne, Janet Craft, Nelda Bergsten, Karin Campbell, Olive Crawley, Sue Mealy, Linda and Don Meyer, Kathy Ponyicsanyi, Barb Runnoe and her daughter Becky, Vicki Devitt and two of her granddaughters, Kathy and Jim Schumacher, Dee Simon, Jerri Stevenson, Annie Stinson, and Mike and Nancy Lindermuth.

Whitewater High School 2008 graduate Logan James got Sue to come out of her home and played Happy Birthday on his euphonium many times as the cars slowly drove by.

Sue will continue to celebrate No. 75 with her family this week!


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