Lisa Dawsey Smith is a Hometown Hero

(Whitewater – Whitewater Unites Lives) Lisa Dawsey Smith is this week’s WUL Hometown Hero, “For her incredible leadership through Downtown Whitewater, Inc. and the Chamber of Commerce, for spending hours each week participating in national and state organization e-conference calls to learn about the latest news and programs for small business owners, for gathering what she learns to share with local businesses, and because of those efforts for having likely saved businesses and farms in our community.”

Lisa Dawsey Smith

Lisa said, “My hope is that everyone in our community has the opportunity to feel that they are seen and valued as a hometown hero because whenever a community finds itself in the midst of the unprecedented, the unknown and certainly sometimes even the just plain awful the most important key to not just surviving but thriving is how a community comes together. Keep showing up and finding ways to be the awesome people that you are and know that I’m just one person who happens to be thankful every day that I get to wake up as part of this community.”

Lisa and her husband Garrett live in Whitewater with their two daughters.

Hometown Hero Award Lisa Dawsey Smith

WUL (Whitewater Unites Lives) is a locally-focused civil and human rights group that works to connect the people in our community and to create opportunities for all people to learn and support each other in our common humanity.   

 Anyone who would like to nominate a local hero of any age should send their nomination, with a short description, to 

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