#FlashbackFriday with the Whitewater Historical Society!

(Whitewater Historical Society submission) In November 1946, the Whitewater Register featured a promotion following the Uglow family of Heart Prairie on their “Saturday Shopping Tour of Stores in the Business District.” Let’s check out some of the stores that Ellis and Dorothy, along with their children, Charlotte, Thane, and Bonnie, visited on their trip into town!

Pictured here is Anne Marhank and Marie Callahan showing Dorothy, Charlotte, and Bonnie the latest trends in sweaters and handbags at The Smart Shop. Anne and Marie opened the women’s clothing store in February 1946. The store was later owned by Lucille Heagney and her husband, Walter, for sixteen years between 1950-1966. In 1966, the Heagneys sold the business to Mona Reese and Shelby Reese, who managed the Main Street store until its closing in December 1968. Join us next week for more from the Uglow family’s downtown shopping trip and the Whitewater Historical Society collections!

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