COVID-19 Testing in Whitewater: Update from the front line

By Lisa Dawsey Smith
Whitewater Banner Staff

Although it was reported that earlier in the day on Wed., 5/27 there was a long line for the COVID-19 testing at UW-W, persons arriving around 2:30 p.m. were in and out within 15 minutes. The testing site is in the parking lot immediately outside the entrance to Warhawk Stadium. Take Starin Road and turn north, just west of the Visitor Center, on Warhawk Drive, which will take you directly to the site.

Personnel from Fort Healthcare were assisting the National Guard with obtaining personal information. There’s no need to bring your own pen, as the personnel are doing the writing. It was indicated that the results may take up to seven days. (Banner comment: Hopefully it will be closer to the 2-3 days stated earlier, as a person with a positive result must be quarantining immediately. Not to mention, someone who is symptomatic must quarantine until results are received.) Email addresses were not being collected. It was indicated that two attempts will be made to phone the results, after which it will be the responsibility of the patient to call for the result.

The swab test was far gentler than a traditional influenza test; in fact, it really wasn’t painful. The swabbing device is relatively short and is placed inside the top of each nostril, but not around the bend. The personnel were polite and efficient. This writer felt terrible that they were in this heat but thankful that they serve.

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