Banner City Bikers Summer Travels: Coming Home

Article and Photos by Blake Scharine

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Well our time in Georgia has come to an end. What an incredible week, crazy yet awesome roads, beautiful lush mountain views, relaxing evenings with friends, great BBQ, camaraderie, and fellowship with old friends and new ones. 

On our way home we planned a day at The Ark Encounter in Kentucky. What can i say, this is biblical history come alive. You can see all the pictures out there and until you stand next to this life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. You can’t realize the enormity of the ship and the amazing engineering utilized within. Make it a family trip. Patty & Steve decided to try their hand at zip-lining at the ark, a perfect activity for Crazy Patty!

Leaving the ark, we skipped the interstate and took a fun 2 hour back roads ride to Greensburg, IN for our last night together. I know i speak for all the group when i say these trips are definitely about the journey not the destination. All total we rode more than 3000 miles, equating to about 80 – 90 hours of riding. Lots of laughs, sore muscles, sharing meals, card playing & looking out for one another. I encourage you to find us on facebook for more pics…@bannercitybikers

Until next year thanks for being a part of our Georgia excursion for 2019! God has blessed us with the opportunity to experience His creation on the back of our motorcycles, what has He done for you that you can share with others and bless them?

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