Banner City Bikers Summer Travels: Part II

Article and Photos provided by Blake Scharine

For part one, click here.

When we left Maggie valley, all of us commented on how impressive the wheels through time museum was. If you have any reason to be that direction, do stop there, it’s well worth the time and money. Hundreds of antique functional motorcycles and well informed museum staff to answer questions – Great stop.

Onward to Copperhead lodge! Hwy 19 was our route, Wow! The route is spectacular, long sweeping turns mixed with plenty of 25 mph 90-120° turns with the occasional 10-15 mph hairpins without the freezing and thawing seasons the pavement down here is amazing.

With the exception of Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee (our first real thigh burner) traffic has been great. By the way “thigh burner” is when you’re stuck in a start and stop traffic jam, your bike runs very hot, and that heat has to go somewhere, well you can figure out the rest… ouch.

Speakin of backups, we were all ecstatic to be traveling south on I-40 as we observed a 20 mile standstill on I-40 northbound on a 90° aftern. Yuck. Anyhoo… we arrived safe and sound at the lodge Friday afternoon: 10 bikes, 16 people. Eddie and the Hamlins would arrive a bit later and by Saturday we would be 12 bikes & 19 people.

As is in most great motorcycling spots the area has given certain rides “names,” so Saturday we set out on “the Moonshiner 28.” Again pristine pavement and challenging twisties, we stopped to see several water falls including Dry Falls. We were able to go right down underneath the spill for pics, very cool, literally.

Lunch was at the Highland Smokehouse on 28. Excellent grub and great service. Well, maybe not Jessica’s service but pretty good ;). 

Finishing up the “Moonshiner 28” we headed back “home” stopping to fuel for the next day and get a few groceries. Big day on Sunday: The Gauntlet! And, yes, “Tail of the Dragon” is in the itinerary too.

Til next time, soak in God’s spectacular creation!

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