Woody & Lynn Coyle Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

Woody and Lynn (Peterson) Coyle got married in front of friends and family on August 9, 1969. Woody wore tails, and Lynn carried orchids. Those adorable 21 and 20 year olds blissfully left their ceremony in Woody’s sweet Roadster, and Lynn was carded and denied a drink when they went out to celebrate!

They moved into their farmhouse on Sweno Road and settled into life, farming, and teaching. They have spent their lives at that house having babies and then raising farm kids, doling out invaluable life lessons and second helpings of the best home-cooked meals, hosting family and friend get-togethers, allowing all the pets, dealing with all the injuries incurred by those farm kids, serving others at church and in 4-H and the community, not taking nearly enough vacations as they supported all the sports, activities, and interests pursued by their farm kids, and building a glorious life together.

Five decades of that kind of commitment deserves a celebration! Alas, Woody & Lynn were not down with having a big 50th Anniversary party. Yeah, we know. We (the kids) don’t like it, either. Here’s what we do know: Although they will be hard to track down this weekend, Woody & Lynn, along with their fam, will enjoy the deliciousness offered at Gus’s on Sunday, August 11 around 6:30pm…

Cheers to Woody and Lynn Coyle for spending the last 50 years making and living an inspiring love-filled life!

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