Whitewater Whippet Swimmers Took 5th Place overall in Conference Relays and 4th at Comet Invite

The team started the competition season off with Conference Relays at Jefferson High School on Tuesday, December 3 finishing in 5th place overall.  Jack Mayer was able to post a Top 10 time in the 100 Breaststroke on the lead off swim of the 4×100 Breaststroke relay going 1:10.70.  The 4×100 Breaststroke was also able to place 3rd and earn medals with their performance.  This was a great meet especially for our new swimmers to try out competing. Madux Devitt had a great meet, leading the way as our first wheelchair athlete in swimming. All of our relays were able to score points for the team and no relays were disqualified! 

The following is a list of finishes:
6th place, 200 Medley Relay – J.Chan, D. Bazeley, S. Chan, J. Mayer
10th place, 200 Freestyle Relay – T. Arnett, Z. Tomomitsu, Y. Mohammed, M. Devitt
6th place, 4×100 IM Relay – W. Anderson, Jon Manriquez, K. Cameron, Y. Mohammed
4th place, 1000 Crescendo Relay – J. Chan, S. Chan, J. Mayer, D. Bazeley
8th place, 1000 Crescendo Relay – Z. Tomomitsu, Jon Manriquez, T. Arnett, W. Anderson
11th place, 100 Freestyle Relay – K. Cameron, Z. Tomomitsu, Y. Mohammed, M. Devitt
4th place, 500 Freestyle Relay – J. Chan, S. Chan, J. Mayer, D. Bazeley
5th place, 400 Backstroke Relay – Z. Tomomitsu, T. Arnett, K. Cameron, W. Anderson
3rd place, 400 Breaststroke Relay – J. Mayer, J. Chan, S. Chan, D. Bazeley
8th place, 400 Breaststroke Relay – K. Cameron, Jon Manriquez, W. Anderson, Y. Mohammed

12/7/19 Comet Invite at Delavan – 4th place

The team competed in their 2nd event on Saturday, December 7th at Delavan High School.  It was a great meet with even our veteran swimmers coming up with lifetime best times.  We had 6 medals earned at the meet.  Devin Bazeley won the 100 Butterfly and took 2nd in the 100 Freestyle, both were new times on the Top 10 list!  Our 200 Freestyle relay (S. Chan, T. Arando, J. Chan, D. Bazeley) also earned medals with their 3rd place performance.  Shawn Chan posted a new time to the Top 10 list in the 50 Freestyle with his 5th place finish.

We had several stand out swims at this meet.  Shawn Chan posted a 24.46 on the Freestyle split on the Medley relay. Tyler Arnett swam outstanding times in both his 200 Freestyle and 100 Freestyle.  Wyatt Anderson took on the 200 IM proving how versatile he will be for the team.  Zach Tomomitsu and Tony Aranda both posted lifetime best times.  Jovany and Jonathan Manriquez both are posting outstanding individual and relay times as returning swimmers on the team!

Our relays are coming on strong this year with several swimmers posting under :30 in the 50 Freestyle:  Shawn Chan, Tony Aranda, Jon Chan and Devin Bazeley.  The team is training and racing hard and it shows!

We have a few newcomers on the team this year.  Our freshman came in with experience in all strokes and the longer distance swims which will help us fill our dual meet rosters better.  Tyler Arnett and Wyatt Anderson have already taken on multiple events and can swim the longer distances too.  Youssef Mohammed and Keith Cameron have brought depth to our stroke races, already swimming the 100 Breaststroke and Backstroke races.  Madux Devitt is showing everyone what sheer determination and hard work can do while competing in 3 events at this meet, very inspiring!  

Next up will be our dual meet against Delavan-Darien on Tuesday, December 10 at 5:30pm at the Whitewater Aquatic and Fitness Center.

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