Whitewater Unified School District Returns to In-Person Learning

(WUSD press release) — WUSD was proud and excited to welcome students back for face-to-face instruction, on Monday, January 18. Students began the day with cheerful greetings from their teachers and classmates.

Second semester begins on Monday, January 25, 2021. Parents were previously given
the following options for second semester (January 25-June 8, 2021). Elementary
students can continue a fully virtual or in-person model. Middle/High school students
can return in-person or fully virtual with live streamed classes taught by our
WMS/WHS teachers, or the continuation of either the JEDI or Edgenuity platforms.
Our families were offered the ability to continue instruction virtually; however, 73.2%
opted to return in-person.

We will continue our plans to utilize mitigation measures such as using masks,
encouraging hand washing, social distancing, and quarantine when exposure occurs.
We are advocating for options for our staff to be vaccinated and have kept our staff
updated on planning and progress of the options as they become available.

By pulling together as a community, we can continue to support our students and the
strong tradition of excellence at WUSD.

Dr. Caroline Pate-Hefty
District Administrator

Banner note: Our thanks to Tom Ganser for the following photos taken on Monday at Lincoln Elementary.

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