Whitewater Police Called out to Main Street for Horses on the Loose

From the Whitewater Police Department Facebook page

A first in perhaps many, many decades!

During our 2nd shift briefing today (Friday, June 21), a caller reported three unaccompanied horses cantering west on Main Street.

The WPD dispatcher sent WPD personnel to remedy the situation. Community Service Officer Beecroft, Officer Borchardt, Detective Schleis, Lieutenant Gempler and Chief Raap responded.

With incredible assistance from our community, horse owners from the Whitewater area and the UW-W P.D., these beautiful animals were safely returned to their home.

There were no injuries to man nor beast. Also, no property damage occurred during this nearly one hour of teamwork!

For more pictures and over a hundred comments, including Joey Marx’s link to a video of the horses on Main Street, click here and open the post from June 21: #WPDconnecting #WPDprotecting

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