Whitewater Middle School Spelling Bee Winners

Pictured L-R: Henry Gehrenbeck, Emma Clarksen, Zoe Olson

Whitewater Middle School was finally able to hold our annual Spelling Bee on Wednesday, February 13. Final winning words were ligatures and glutinous.

The first place winner was Henry Gehrenbeck, 6th grader and child of Robert and Sarah Gehrenbeck, Whitewater.

Second place went to Emma Clarksen, 8th grader and child of Ryan and Kim Clarksen, Whitewater.

Zoe Olson, 6th grader, whose parents are Michael and Elizabeth Olson, Whitewater, came in third place. The top 7th grade speller was Devin Parboteeah, child of Kaviraj Parbooteeah and Kyong Pyun also of Whitewater.

Henry is now eligible to compete at the regional CESA 2 Spelling Bee that will be held at Whitewater High School on Wednesday, February 27.

We wish Henry the best of luck as he advances to the next level.

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