Whitewater Community Foundation Grants Announced

Editor’s Note: The following was provided by the Whitewater Community Foundation.

The Whitewater Community Foundation (WCF) has presented the spring 2024 grants, which include $2,500 to Fairhaven for the outdoor garden space at Hearthstone Memory Care, $1,000 to the Book Buddies project, which connects volunteers with children and books, and $383 to the Dementia Friendly Community Initiative to comfort people living with dementia.

“These action grants support the Whitewater Community Foundation’s mission to enhance Whitewater’s quality of life for all people,” said Kat Mawhinney, WCF Board Member who chairs the Community Action Grant Selection Committee.

Fairhaven – $2,500

The grant to revamp the outdoor garden at Hearthstone Memory Care will allow families to enjoy time with residents in an outdoor space and will improve the functionality and beauty of the area through purchases of gardening beds, tools, plants, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, tents, and decorative pieces. 

The group shared, “Hearthstone has a capacity of 24 residents to which every resident could benefit.  Family members/visitors, volunteers and students groups will all be able to use this space with the residents.”

Front row: L to R — Ginny Coburn (WCF), Jess Ward (RN Manager) & Stephanie Zwitter (Hearthstone Memory Care Manager), Kat Mawhinney (WCF), Brian Robinson (Director of Marketing, Community Relations & Leisure Services)
Back Row: L to R –David Gackstatter (Director HR & Business Services), Dawn Blazier (Infection Preventionist RN Nurse Manager), Jasmyne Hauger (Dining Services Manager), Shannon Schoville (Marketing Manager Prairie Village & Executive Assistant), Betty Schelb (Director of Environmental Services) & Shane Niman (Director of Facilities)

Book Buddies – $1,000

The grant to Book Buddies will be used for one new book per child, outreach, notebooks, pencils, book marks and t-shirts for volunteers.  Approximately 25 children will benefit directly and improve their reading, speaking and listening skills by working with an adult volunteer who reads with them.

The group shared, “Having the support of a caring adult who not only helps them with these skills but values their opinions when discussing the books’ positive themes, helps children build self-esteem as well as character which could play out in their families, classrooms, or their community.”

Front row: (L to R) — Barb Pennington, Jay Craggs (WCF), Kat Mawhinney (WCF)

Dementia Friendly Community Initiative – $383

The grant to the Dementia Friendly Community Initiative will be used to purchase several items, including two weighted ‘newborn comfort’ therapy baby dolls, a faux therapy dog and cat (and brush and batteries,) and a tool board for people who like to build.

The group shared, “Caregivers and persons living with dementia are often isolated.  Most people with dementia live at home with a family caregiver.  These items can often calm and distract a person with dementia, giving the caregiver a break or time to accomplish other needed activities in the home.  Caregivers will be able to check items out of the library to experience an expensive item with their loved one to see if it will be useful to purchase one.”

Front row: (L to R) — Kat Mawhinney (WCF), Suzanne Haselow, Deb Weberpal, Karen Strauss
Back Row: (L to R) — Jennifer Jackson, Erin Miller, Ginny Coburn (WCF)

Twice a year, the Whitewater Community Foundation offers Community Action Grants for projects that the community and board of directors believe are worthwhile and beneficial to various segments of the population.  Grant proposals are due on April 30th and October 31st of each year.

“This kind of caring is what Whitewater and the Whitewater Community Foundation are all about,” said Telfer.

Organizations interested in pursuing a Whitewater Community Foundation Action Grant should contact chairperson@whitewatercommunityfoundation.org.

The Foundation continues to provide and host scholarships for Whitewater High School students and also offers fiscal sponsorship to organizations that are seeking 501(c) (3) status or require temporary pass-through funds for worthy community projects.

More information about the Whitewater Community Foundation can be found at whitewatercommunityfoundation.org and on Facebook. 

The Whitewater Community Foundation’s mission is to “enhance quality of life in the Whitewater area via educational, cultural, charitable or benevolent expenditures.”

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