Whitewater Arts Alliance Seeks Manager

Editor’s Note: This information was provided by the Whitewater Arts Alliance.

The Whitewater Arts Alliance’s position of Manager will be opening soon! This fulfilling and stimulating role connects our community with the arts and culture. From coordinating gallery shows and performing arts events to designing our website and marketing to our audience, this position offers a variety of work and a flexible part-time schedule in a partially remote format. If you believe in the power and importance of art and would like to nurture that in your community, we encourage you to apply. For more information, visit https://www.whitewaterarts.org/manager and apply by emailing Megan Matthews at waa.careers@gmail.com.

Following is the more information about the Whitewater Arts Alliance followed by the job description:

Mission Statement
The mission of the Whitewater Arts Alliance, Inc. is to promote the visual and performing arts
through an alliance of artists, individuals, educational resources, and organizations to promote
creativity and diversity that will serve to educate and enrich the lives of the residents of the
Whitewater community and surrounding areas.

WAA Purpose Statements
To make the visual and performing arts an essential part of the lives of all Whitewater citizens.
To foster an appreciation for these arts by initiating partnerships, developing new audiences, and
sponsoring diverse artistic activities by emerging and established artists and art organizations
while preserving Whitewater’s rich, diverse, and historic culture.
To nurture an appreciation for the arts by working cooperatively with a consortium of artists, art
organizations, and art advocates in our community to foster lifelong involvement with the arts for
our children, our community, and our individual lives, and make Whitewater a better place to

To support, promote, and develop the arts as an essential and integral part of revitalization and
growth for our community.

The Cultural Arts Center
The Whitewater Cultural Arts Center is the home of the Whitewater Arts Alliance, Inc and is
located on the second floor of the historical building, the White Memorial Library.
An excerpt from the Whitewater Landmarks brochure: “The White Memorial Library is an
example of simple classicism with its hip roof, entrance decorated with colossal ionic columns
and full pediment over a wide frieze. This design is one of the standard library designs by the
noted architectural firm of Claude and Starch of Madison. These architects were well known for
their prairie style houses and the interior of this building is in this style. Mary Flavia White
donated this building to the city for use by the Whitewater Free Library (1904 to 1992). It now is
home to the Whitewater Cultural Arts Center and the Whitewater Public television station.”

Manager Job Description for the Whitewater Arts Alliance
The Whitewater Arts Alliance (WAA) is seeking an individual to fill part-time manager position
starting spring 2022. The position will report directly to the WAA Board President or
President-designee. There will be a probationary period of 3 months after starting this position
and an annual review by the board for reappointment.
● 20 hours per week – flexible hours, with the ability to work remotely. Some weekend
hours required.
Examples of Work & Projects:
● Assist with the scheduling of exhibits, preparation of artist loan agreements, and
preparation of exhibit labels and educational information including didactic labels and/or
● Provide clear information about exhibits or planned events to docents and visitors, and be
prepared to answer questions about the current exhibit or future events.
● Maintain a guest book and a visitor count.
● Schedule, support and supervise volunteers including students and community members
when they are working in the Gallery.
● Managing the WAA communications, including emails, phone contacts and working with
members, community partners and artists in a timely manner.
● Keep records such as online payments, memberships, sponsorships, etc. current.
● Support the organization’s mission by building and maintaining professional networks.
● Support the Membership and Recording Secretaries as required.
Exhibit Management:
● Manage and recruit volunteers and exhibit chairs in exhibition responsibilities such as
receiving and returning of artworks, unwrapping and rewrapping exhibit materials and
assisting with gallery installations. Ensure adequate supplies for artists for installing
shows. Exhibits may be in-person, virtual or hybrid.
● Assist volunteers and exhibit chairs with the preparations for exhibit openings and other
gallery receptions including shopping for refreshments and helping to set up food and
beverages for openings or special events, as well as support post-event clean up.
Other event management:
● Assist with planning and coordination of performing arts events.
● Assist with planning and coordination of workshop events.
● Update the WAA website to keep it current and relevant. This includes creating virtual
and hybrid shows when appropriate.
● Assist with the mailing list for the Whitewater Arts Alliance; manage the list, adding new
names or updating mailing information as required.
● Distribute press releases and publicity material such as flyers or posters. As necessary,
access organization e-mail and social media accounts and update information.
● Photograph installations and document exhibits by recording and cataloging photographic
images, paperwork, publicity and any public commentary in either paper or electronic
● Photograph receptions and events for marketing and communication purposes.
Facility Management:
● Ensure a clean gallery space.
● Coordinate facility maintenance with board, city and volunteers as needed.
Other duties may be assigned by the Board of Directors
Requirements/Desired Skills:
● Strong written & verbal communication skills
● Organized; self-motivated; able to work independently on projects and abide by timelines
● Ability to effectively work with a board of directors and other community leaders
● Experience with gallery management
● Experience in event management
● Experience in volunteer management
● Experience in website management
● Experience in bookkeeping and handling payment transactions
● Public Relations experience (creating social media posts, press releases, newsletters, etc.)
● Experience with public speaking and coordinating group meetings/presentations is
● Familiarity with grant writing and fundraising is helpful
● Interest in community involvement/community partnership building
● $18.00/hour

To Apply:
Please send a cover letter, resume, and availability to Megan Matthews at

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