Whippets Fall to Monroe in Homecoming Game

Article and Photos Courtesy of Bob Mischka

The Whitewater Whippet Football Team lost a non-conference game to Monroe on Friday, April 16, by a score of 29-7.

The high point for the Whippets was scoring their touchdown with just 1 second left in the first half on a 35 yard pass from junior quarterback Brock Grosinske to senior Chase Conn.

Another high was when the Whippets stopped the Cheesemakers when they had a first and goal in the second quarter.

Next up in this shortened alternate season will be a game at McFarland on April 23. Attendance continues to be limited due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The picture of Chase Conn shows him catching the 35-yard touchdown pass in the end zone. He is wearing a mask under his helmet which makes it hard to make out his features.

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