Whippet Swimmers Open with a Win Against Delavan-Darien

Article and Photos By Gina Foucault
Whitewater High School Head Swim Coach

The Whippets swam well winning their first dual meet of the year against Delavan-Darien. All of our swimmers were able to score points towards the win, including a few athletes that are new to swim including Jake Kuhlow, Carter Schepp, and Cole Schlicher. With very little time to prepare for the first meet of the year these athletes showed up and raced hard!

The Whippets dominated several events finishing 1st and 2nd in several events:

1st – 200 Medley Relay (Tyler Arnett, Devin Bazeley, Tony Aranda, Keith Cameron)
2nd – 200 Medley Relay (Jake Kuhlow, Carter Schepp, Zach Tomomitsu, Cole Schlicher)

1st – 200 Freestyle, Tyler Arnett
2nd – 200 Freestyle Wyatt Anderson

1st – 200 IM, Devin Bazeley
2nd – 200 IM, Keith Cameron

1st – 50 Freestyle Tony Aranda
2nd – 50 Freestyle Cole Schlicher

1st – 100 Butterfly, Tony Aranda
2nd – 100 Butterfly, Zach Tomomitsu

1st – 500 Freestyle, Tyler Arnett
2nd – 500 Freestyle, Jake Kuhlow

and we finished 1, 2, 3 in the 100 Breaststroke with Devin Bazeley, Keith Cameron, and Carter Schepp.

Our veteran swimmers led the way with some outstanding swims. Tyler Arnett beat the field by 7 seconds in the 200 Freestyle and by a large margin in the 500 Freestyle. These were strong swims to start the year; Tyler’s hard work in the off season is apparent. Devin Bazeley posted a fast time in his 200 IM and finished 10 seconds ahead of the field in the 100 Breaststroke also. Devin also puts in time in the off season which shows. Senior Tony Aranda is always ready to race and was able to win both of his events, scoring majors points for our team. Adding to these swims were strong efforts from Wyatt Anderson, Keith Cameron, and Zach Tomomitsu. All of these swimmers willingly swim whatever we need them to with no complaints. Wyatt took on the 200 Freestyle, Keith raced the 200 IM, and Zach raced the 100 Butterfly. These veterans raced hard knowing that we needed strong performances from them in these races.

It was amazing to see our new swimmers take on their first races of the year. Jake Kuhlow swam the dreaded 500 Freestyle with determination and scored points with his effort. Jake’s dedication to training and competition is such an asset to our team. Carter Schepp took on one of our more technical races with the 100 Breaststroke and is already posting a strong time. Carter also works hard and is quick to learn all the tiny things that add up to smart, fast swimming. Cole Schlicher loves to race and compete which served him well in his first races as a Whippet. I am thankful to have a great mix of athletes willing to put in the time and effort that swimming requires.

It was a great first meet for all our swimmers and I can’t wait to see what we can do with even more training and experience. 

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