Whippet City Mile Race Results Released

The Whippet City Mile was run, once again, in near perfect conditions and attracted runners from all around the country. The race even featured a young man from France. Beginning 15 minutes before the start of the 4th of July Parade, runners cruised along the parade route, racing in front of thousands of cheering fans.

Spencer Agnew of Fort Atkinson was the overall winner and number one male finisher. The former Black Hawk and Marquette University star toured the course in a very quick 4:26.05, the 3rd fastest time in race history. Finishing first for the women was Whitewater High School Junior Athena Soto. The Whippet track and cross country standout ran a time of 5:59.53, outdistancing second place finisher Sara Wolfe by 3 seconds.

A great time was had by all, and especially exciting is the number of children who participate every year. Special thanks goes out to finish line coordinator David Haberman, assistant race director and head of registration Maggie Maas, timers Ben Maas and Scott “Richy” Richardson, along with all of the other volunteers who helped make this another successful race. A special thank you also goes out to our Harley guys who lead the Whippet City Mile, Steve Meinel and TR.

The Whitewater 4th of July Committee would like formally express their gratitude for the continuing efforts by Mark Maas to make this a community event that is truly accessible to all.

Thank you to the record number of participants who participated in this year’s race; we can’t wait to see you at the finish line next year!

1Spencer Agnew04:26.0533M
2Sam Kehoe04:37.0134M
3Quinn McKenzie04:40.6832M
4Lucas Springstroh04:42.4036M
5Xavier Zei04:54.2717M
6Brian Zalewski04:57.2344M
7Joseph Cooper05:03.8919M
8Miles Nickelsburg05:04.3617M
9Nate Holden05:11.6718M
10Luc Pomazak05:12.3417M
11Roberto Navejas05:22.0524M
12Richard Siok Jr05:22.3242M
13Ethan Dugan05:28.7717M
14Andrew Scharinger05:29.8015M
15Tyler Fyock05:30.434?M
16Langdon Coburn05:30.6615M
17Nels Labansky05:42.6147M
18Aldegundo Brenneman05:49.3915M
19Elijah Balding05:50.3315M
20Trever Pett05:50.9214M
21Paul Kerns05:52.7923M
22Mike McNamee05:56.3242M
23Elliott Hahn05:58.0814M
24Chase Maas05:58.5716M
25Adam Triebold05:58.8833M
26Athena Soto05:59.9316F
27Sara Wolfe06:03.0014F
28Gina Fyock06:06.4343F
29Abimelec Cano06:11.2424M
30Heidi Mane06:13.0440F
31Quentin Besson06:15.1227M
32Andi Gudeyon06:15.8915F
33Mayte Navejas06:16.4518F
34Mady Hefty06:17.8916F
35Carley Boudreau06:19.3717F
36Logan Kowalkiewicz06:21.4212M
37Dennis Kopf06:22.2740M
38Jeffry Lebowski06:22.82?M
39Walter Sobchak06:23.20?M
40Ellie Kehoe06:23.9515F
41Ellie Kehoe06:24.7615F
42Lila ?06:25.0011F
43Marcus Roe06:25.3312M
44Jennifer Taylor06:26.3536F
45Alyssa Dobbs06:26.3923NB
46Nola Coburn06:32.2117F
47Johnny Buse06:32.4535M
48Calli Grosinske06:34.7617F
49Bailey Wolfe06:35.0215F
50Theodore Donald Kerabatsos06:35.2261M
51Jaden Devitt06:38.2610M
52Teague Devitt06:38.6649M
53Aaron Gudeyon06:39.8740M
54Kendall Gudeyon06:42.4913F
55David Hernandez06:42.7025M
56Audrey Bleck06:43.249F
57Logan V06:44.3315M
58Cole Ehlen06:51.5711M
59Jon Roe06:52.0421M
60Stanley Spudowski06:52.3963M
61Eric Brenneman06:54.1344M
62Ben Roe06:54.7210M
63Mason Lamb06:55.7918M
64Ben Erdman06:59.1810M
65Brian Erdman06:59.9838M
66Delaney Hammock07:00.3316F
67Jax O’Keefe07:00.969M
68Chris Nate07:01.3638M
70Silvia Harris07:02.6116F
71Finley DePorter07:03.5711F
72Easton Springstroh07:05.088M
73Paul Kearns07:05.6457M
74Logan Scharinger07:05.9015M
75Angel Kilar07:06.1316M
76Jack Hefty07:06.7117M
77Keenan Sheffield07:08.6316M
78Macie Riordan07:10.639F
79Preston Maas07:14.7913M
80Maya Graves-Koran07:16.8515F
81Jeff Presslein07:18.8236M
82Teddy Tortomasi07:20.788M
83Jordy DeLazzer07:22.308F
84Joel Tortomasi07:23.4144M
85Easton Taylor07:23.767M
86Lindsey Taylor07:24.0833F
87Gini Cooper07:25.3821F
88Emma Maas07:26.1313F
89Hollis Anderson07:26.5216F
90Storm DePorter07:27.0812F
91Steve Solyun07:34.1257M
92Christian Reyes07:35.6922M
93Noah Gutierrez07:36.6110M
94Braxton Rux07:36.907M
95Henrick David07:37.138M
96Shannon Greaker07:37.8337F
97Ed Greaker07:45.4741M
98Julian Lantzy07:51.209M
99Gerald Kearns07:51.8039M
100Lexi Tanner07:52.1212F
102Rob Wiesmann07:56.5069M
103Dalton “D Dog”  Maas07:58.5510M
104Andrea Bogie08:00.4144F
105Helen Udani08:00.849F
106Cecelia Harris08:05.119F
107Mark Schroeder08:05.3861M
108Brandon Harris08:05.8644M
109Julia Cooper08:06.6315F
110Noah Brautigam08:07.7811M
111Piper Riordan08:11.056F
112Kyle Stengel08:16.7935M
113Owen Cooper08:19.4547M
114Joyeaux Cooper08:22.9510F
115Alena Riordan08:25.6842F
116Luke Steffen08:26.0935M
117Andrew Thielmann08:27.8121M
118Raquel Ortiz08:29.5222F
119Araceli Aranda08:29.8621F
120Melanie Reyes08:30.1321F
121Elizabeth Rodriguez08:30.6323F
122Kayla Scharinger08:32.3215F
125Jennifer Knudtson08:35.4150F
126Madeleine Knudtson08:35.6915F
127Mark Presslein08:38.4059M
128Mason Presslein08:39.0427M
129Easton Gnatzig08:39.388M
130Graesynn Gnatzig08:39.717F
131Liz Gnatzig08:40.0735F
132Dan Gnatzig08:40.7941M
133Ivy Daly08:41.1510F
134Cora Daly08:43.7313F
135Vivienne Lantzy08:44.345F
136Maddox Lantzy08:44.797M
137PJ Lantzy08:45.6043M
138Aimee Gutierrez08:46.1741F
139Danielle Bazeley08:47.2348F
140Kaity Schmear08:50.3034F
141Nichole Gzym08:52.719F
142Sarah Kroll08:53.0134F
143Krista Kearns08:53.5852F
144Caitlyn Oberg08:56.1912F
145Jessica Dean08:58.0436F
146Emmie Weigel08:58.54 F
147Steve Wegner08:59.4940M
148Cara Yang08:59.7715F
149Karlee Villegas09:02.0515F
150Payton Brautigam09:02.9016F
151Therese McKenzie09:03.1459F
153Maddie Bobinski09:05.1126F
154Jessica Kearns09:09.4225F
155Elliot Agnew09:11.296M
156Owen Agnew09:15.853M
157Megan Agnew09:16.0033F
158Jenna Loomans09:20.0938F
159Candice Rux09:22.0844F
160Courtney Hinzpeter09:22.6538F
161Brendan Oberg09:28.8410M
162Derek Oberg09:29.2748M
163Jackson Clemons09:29.6121M
164Tyler Reynolds09:29.9037M
165Frankie Reynolds09:29.907F
166Harriet Wilt09:40.209F
167Courtney Wilt09:42.2040F
168Yatzeri Reyes09:42.5526F
169Gordon Springstroh09:43.456M
170Lydia Balely09:43.7612F
172Lilia Weigel09:46.0411F
173Gabi Fyock09:50.5810F
174W Kinrie09:53.7010F
175Della Fyock09:56.906F
176Charlotte Anderson10:03.4613F
177Barb Anderson10:07.3349F
178Kristin Tanner10:12.8041F
179Karl Anderson10:16.0050M
180Evelyn Tilleson10:19.8111F
181Steve Scharinger10:20.2857M
182Megan Carstens10:22.1340F
183Michael Carstens10:23.265M
184Anna Carstens10:23.277F
185Mark Pomazak10:29.9261M
186Rose Daly10:30.895F
187Joe Daly10:31.0041M
188Catherine Strait10:32.2324F
189Erin Nickelsburg10:33.0147F
190Erin Springstroh10:33.7335F
191Emmett Springstroh10:39.343M
192Sophia Kurezynski10:40.0110F
193Zachary Kurezynski10:48.488M
194Paul Kurezynski10:49.4859M
195Katie Fortney10:51.0737F
196Max Fortney10:51.867M
197Nolan Daly10:53.018M
198Abbie Daly10:54.0839F
199Bianca Thai11:00.4833F
200Rachel Traficante11:03.5638F
201Harrison Tilleson11:04.1513M
202Theo Sacchitello11:18.217M
203Amanda Sacchitello11:18.5737F
204James Heffron11:19.0238M
205Taylor Heffron11:19.296M
206David Linton11:26.4071M
207Davin Parboteah11:37.3918M
208David Liesch11:37.8944M
209Jase Liesch11:39.548M
210Justin Mane11:45.0137M
211Luca Mane12:15.175M
212Leo Mane12:15.458M
213Cooper Heffron12:23.0410M
214John Tincher12:38.667M
215Sara Tincher12:39.0038F
216No Name12:46.49
217No Name12:58.89
218No Name12:59.23
219No Name13:53.59
220No Name13:55.20
221Cameron Lantzy16:21.191M
222Aimee Lantzy16:21.3544F
223Vicki Stelse16:21.4029F
Mark Maas, Race Coordinator
Katie Lehman and Lisa Dawsey Smith, Co-Chairs, Whitewater 4th of July Committee 2024
Photos Courtesy of Greg Stewart
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