Walworth County Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Climb by 37 from Sun. to Thurs., Death Toll Now at 5 – Outbreak at Geneva Lake Manor Results in Public Health Order

Per Lake Geneva Regional News on April 17, the Walworth County Health Department indicated that a COVID-19 outbreak at Geneva Lake Manor in Lake Geneva has resulted in a public health order being issued. (Access to the Lake Geneva Regional News article is complimentary; simply click on the X in the box at the top of the page.)

Also, per the table below, the number of deaths from the virus in the county has climbed to five.

Per Walworth County Public Health (4/16): “Our number of lab confirmed cases has risen significantly since yesterday.  The large increase in cases is associated with an outbreak at a facility. All  impacted individuals have been contacted by public health and are currently being isolated.”

Banner Comment: Per the above comment, it appears that a single facility may have as many as 23 laboratory confirmed cases; however, per the department’s policy, no further information will be released. However, the map below from the WI DHS website has a large dot that indicates an unusually large number of cases in a census tract in Walworth County. Please note this disclaimer from the website: “The data within this map represents aggregated counts by Wisconsin counties and census tracts. The location of the symbols are placed at the geometric center of the geographic boundary to represent aggregated counts within that boundary. Map symbol locations do NOT represent physical locations of individual COVID-19 cases and should not be used for that purpose.” Clicking on the dot provides the following information: Census tract 16.02, Walworth County – Positive – 34, Negative – 51, Deaths – 2; last updated 4/16/20; population – 6,308. This link has a map that shows census tract 16.02 in the Lake Geneva area.

Update: 4/17/2020 – 1:15pm

Walworth County currently has 82 laboratory confirmed cases of the disease as of 4/16/2020.

Total number of laboratory confirmed cases82
Cases currently hospitalized3
Cases currently isolated at primary residence
Cases recovered20

Walworth County statistics of 4/15/2020.

Total number of laboratory confirmed cases72
Cases currently hospitalized5
Cases currently isolated at primary residence46
Cases recovered18

Walworth County statistics of 4/14/2020

Total number of laboratory confirmed cases49
Cases currently hospitalized4
Cases currently isolated at primary residence
Cases recovered17
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