Walton Oaks Park tree damaged in strong storm

Article and photos by Sherry Stanek

Walton Oaks Park, a 2.6 acre park located at the west end of Bloomingfield Drive, is a rare Oak savanna remnant with beautiful Burr Oak trees that are older than the state of Wisconsin. As you approach the park,  a giant Burr Oak, which was used as a model for the Whitewater Urban Forestry Commission logo,  greets you.  A large branch near the middle of the tree came down during the Friday, June 16 storm, taking with it two more large branches of the tree. Fortunately, the tree will survive under the care of city staff arborists. However, today is a reminder that everyone that loves this beautiful park, and those that don’t know they do yet, should go soon and enjoy all of its beautiful trees, the huge variety of birds and native plants because we can’t take for granted that they will always be here.

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