UW-W Enrollment Falls Again in Wake of Demographic Trends

Reflecting state and national demographic trends, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s preliminary enrollment for fall 2019 is 13,059, an overall 5.3% decline from last year. Enrollment at the Whitewater campus on the 10th day of the semester was 11,503 vs. 12,084 last year, for a decline of 4.8%. On the Rock County campus there were 865 students, compared with 975 last year, a decline of 11.3%.

Jeff Angileri, Assistant Director, University Marketing and Communications, stated, “Please note this is not an apples to apples comparison. Last year’s numbers are considered the final, official numbers. This year’s numbers are still considered preliminary. The general trend is that final enrollment numbers are usually higher than the preliminary numbers, so we are expecting are final enrollment count will be higher.”

“Our students recognize not only our great value but the high-quality education we offer along with excellent student support,” Chancellor Dwight C. Watson said. “Our graduate and online programs continue to see growth, with an increase in students this year. Our online programs are ranked in the top 10 in the nation. Last year, we saw a record senior class graduate from UW-Whitewater, with 2,923 students receiving degrees – but this success also means that our overall university enrollment is somewhat lower now than in previous years.”

The UW System’s preliminary enrollment for 2019 is 168,241 students, an overall 2% decline from last year. The system released a statement indicating, “Nationally, higher education enrollments are down. These modest enrollment reductions are not unique to the UW System amid trends of fewer high school graduates and low unemployment rates in a strong economy. Despite the decline, the UW System share of overall higher education enrollment in Wisconsin has increased since 2010, from 48.6% to 50.8% in 2018.”

Fall enrollment on the Whitewater campus:
2009 – 11139
2010 – 11557
2011 – 11643
2012 – 12031
2013 – 12015
2014 – 12159
2015 – 12351
2016 – 12628
2017 – 12430
2018 – 12084
2019 – 11503 (preliminary)

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