USA Track and Field Officially Certifies the Discover Whitewater Series

WHITEWATER (Discover Whitewater submission) – The new route for the Discover Whitewater Series (DWS): Half Marathon and 5K is officially USA Track and Field (USATF) certified. 

The USATF only certifies courses that meet certain requirements, such as having the correct distanced route. Runners need to know that the race they are running is the exact distance of a half marathon or 5k. Most runners would like to compare race times on different courses, which can only be achieved if they are certified to be the same distance. When a runner’s race time is accepted as a record, it can allow him or her to prequalify in much larger races.  

“The DWS is incredibly excited to once again be both USATF and CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) certified,” said DWS Executive Director Jeffery Knight. “What is most important to the entire DWS team is to put on a quality race that exceeds all safety expectations.” 

Just like the DWS, the USATF strives for competitive excellence. This is why the DWS is not only USATF certified but also certified by the CARA. CARA abides by the Best Practices Guidelines, which ensures that all certified races have medical staff on hand, insurance coverage, and several other safety measures.  

Safety is incredibly important to the entire Discover Whitewater Series team. That’s why we’ve put in place many new safety measures, such as social distancing guidelines and a special race start that allows for people to stay separated. Read more about our safety changes at  

CARA certification ensures a quality race. From requiring a back-up timing system to ensuring that course marshals will be present on the course, the DWS follows all of the Best Practices Guidelines. Combined with the DWS’ USATF certification, this year’s event will be both safe and competitive.  

To learn more, check out the CARA Best Practice Guidelines at Visit the USTAF’s website at  

About the DWS 

The goal of the DWS is to promote the City of Whitewater and highlight its greatest features, while keeping everyone in the community active. All the proceeds from the race are donated to five local non-profit partners: Bethel House (which provides interim housing for homeless families), Whitewater LEADS, Working for Whitewater’s Wellness (W3), Whitewater Unified School District and the J-Hawk Aquatic Club. The DWS partners with the city, business community, university and the school district to make this a tremendous event that benefits all who participate. For more information about the race visit

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