Transition in Banner Staffing

The Whitewater Banner has always been a voluntary effort. Jim Stewart founded The Banner in 2006 and grew it essentially single-handedly until January, 2018. At that time, in order to ensure that the publication would continue in perpetuity, Jim donated the site to the Whitewater Community Foundation (WCF). Dustin Reichwald then assumed the Editor-in-Chief responsibility, and over the past year and a half he not only made a number of enhancements, but also recruited and trained a team to assist with the publication. Recently Dustin resigned from his position, and WCF expresses its appreciation to him for the countless hours that he devoted to the site.

The Banner is overseen by a WCF committee and is currently produced by a team that includes Thayer Coburn, Editor-in-Chief, and the following Content Editors: Lynn Binnie, Lisa Dawsey-Smith, Laura Masbruch, Marjorie Stoneman, and Kristine Zaballos.

The Banner’s mission is: To enrich and inform our community by sharing Whitewater-specific news, events, and photos, as the primary reliable and objective source of easy-to-use, timely, and engaging content, accessible by the entire community of Whitewater. We appreciate your readership and welcome your comments and submissions. It’s our goal to continue to grow The Banner for the good of the community, and we’d be pleased to hear from anyone who may have an interest in joining our team. Please contact us at

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