The Whitewater Arts Alliance Announces Fran Achen Photography Competition Award Recipients

Whitewater Arts Alliance
11th Annual Fran Achen Photography Competition
July 2020

Following are the award recipients for the 2020 Fran Achen Photography

Awards Program at: (There you will see all of the photographs that won awards. Click on some of the pictures and hover for full information. )
Virtual Show: (Click and hover over the pictures for full information including whether the photograph is for sale.)

2020 Fran Achen Photography Competition Awards:

Best of Show : Ellen Mecca : “time”

Best of Show : Ellen Mecca : “time”

Youth/Teen 1st Place : Leo Strand : “Grazing at Dawn”
Youth/Teen 2nd Place : Crystal Chan : “The Perching Dragonfly”
Youth/Teen 3rd Place : Leo Strand : “Pumpkins for Lunch”
Youth/Teen Honorable Mention : Crystal Chan : “The Forlorn Nymph”

Youth/Teen 1st Place : Leo Strand : “Grazing at Dawn”

Amateur 1st Place : Phyliss Stokes : “Blue Shoes”
Amateur 2nd Place : Christine C. Hayes : “Moroccan Artist”
Amateur 3rd Place : David Yochum : “Depot #2”
Amateur Honorable Mention : Phyliss Stokes : “Tea Time”
Amateur Honorable Mention : Sandy Ott : “Sunflowers”
Amateur Honorable Mention : Patricia Knox : “Cycling Sister”
Amateur Honorable Mention : Phyliss Stokes : “Three Hands”

Amateur 1st Place : Phyliss Stokes : “Blue Shoes”

Accomplished 1st Place : Chappy Achen : “Rattlesnake Bluff”
Accomplished 2nd Place : David Bueschel : “White Pigeon”
Accomplished 3rd Place : William Eklund : “Otter Creek”
Accomplished Honorable Mention : Robert Buell : “Remote Church Iceland”
Accomplished Honorable Mention : Everett Long : “Purple-Eared Green
Accomplished Honorable Mention : Gary Galger : “Linear Reflection”
Accomplished Honorable Mention : William Eklund : “Faithless”

Accomplished 1st Place : Chappy Achen : “Rattlesnake Bluff”

The Whitewater Arts Alliance is hosting the annual Fran Achen Photography Competition and Exhibition both virtually at and at the Cultural Arts Center on 402 West Main Street.  The Cultural Arts Center is open through July 26 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.:  Fridays (for at risk individuals only – age 65 and over or with immunocompromised health conditions), and Saturdays and Sundays for all others.  Visitors will be asked to participate in health and safety measures in light of COVID-19, to include wearing a mask at all times (masks will be provided), entering via the elevator and exiting via the front door (unless they require the elevator), and keeping six feet apart.  There will be a ten-person maximum in the building at all times.

Voting for the Viewer’s Choice Award can be done online at throughout the run of the show until Saturday evening, July 25. The winner will be announced on the last day of the show, July 26.  

Thank you to Board Member Jeff McDonald for chairing the show.

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