The art of “Triangulador” at Roberta’s Art Gallery through June 25

(Roberta’s Art Gallery submission) Take a glimpse into the creative artwork from the City of Madison. Liubov Szwako, also known as “Triangulador,” will exhibit his artworks at Roberta’s Art Gallery through June 25, 2021 in his exhibit, “Liubov Szwako // Triangulador.” The artist utilizes spray acrylic enamel and oil paint to create intricate, abstract, and colorful paintings that often consist of many different textures and layers.

Szwako is of Russian heritage, was born and raised in Mexico City, and moved to Madison during his early 20s. He is a self-taught artist and he has been painting for nearly four years. Szwako likes to explore different mediums for his art, and will often use unique items as his canvas, like: sides of buildings, glass, old maps and even mattresses. In an effort to give back and beautify the city, he has done mural works, making him well known in the Madison community.

Art by Liubov Szwako, also known as “Triangulador”

For more information on the artist and his artwork, visit:

Roberta’s Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the James R. Connor University Center (UC) at UW-Whitewater. The gallery hosts multiple exhibits and workshops each semester by collaborating with the artists–both locally and regionally. Many of our events will be held virtually and/or in person this summer.

Roberta’s Art Gallery prides itself on all of their exhibits being free and open to the public. This means anyone: whether you’re a student, a Whitewater community member, or someone wanting to support the artist, stop on by! For questions or further information, contact Roberta’s Art Gallery at (262) 472-3193 or or visit our website.

(Photo is taken directly from the artist’s website.)

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