The Whitewater Unified School District School Board sets limits on open-enrollment applicants for the 2018-19 school year.

There will be no limits on open enrollment for regular students. However, the board did limit the number of open enrollment on “cross-categorical” special education students: early childhood will be limited to seven students; 4K through fifth grade will be limited to 77 students; sixth- through eighth grade will be limited to 64 students, and ninth- through twelfth grade will be limited to 81 students.

Districtwide for open enrollment, speech and language services will be limited to 158; physical therapy will be limited to 18 students; and occupational therapy will be limited to 35 students.

Due to a lack of available staff — the district contracts for these services through CESA 2 — there will be no increase for deaf/hard of hearing or visually-impaired students.

Additionally, the board approved minor edits and changes to its open enrollment-policy document.

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