St. John’s Masonic Lodge Donates to Local Food Pantries

(St. John’s Masonic Lodge submission) For the last several years, St. John’s Masonic Lodge has donated and delivered several tons of canned goods to the local food pantries in early December prior to the holiday season. This has been accomplished by donations from within the St. John’s membership resulting from a challenge from one of their esteemed members. Typically, each year the lodge purchases and delivers around one hundred cases of canned vegetables to the Whitewater, Palmyra and Eagle communities. This last December, due to the spike in Covid cases at that time, it was decided to donate money instead. The lodge membership donated $1200 to the Whitewater food pantry and $600 to the Palmyra food pantry in time for the holidays. It is hoped that they can return to the usual practice of delivering canned goods this next December.   

The above photo features two members of the Masonic Lodge, Lee Cushman (on the left) and Bruce Eshelman (on the right), when they delivered canned goods in December of 2018.

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