SLALN 5-6 and 7-8 Math Meet Results

Front – (6th graders) Andrew O”Toole, Henry Gehrenbeck, Ava Nygren, Alex Clarksen
Back – (8th graders) Peter Portwine, Cole Schlicher, Jazmin Cederberg, Emma Clarksen  (7th graders) Emilia Houweers, Silas Baker, Emerson Ellenwood, Jared Apgar

It was a job well done for the students that represented Whitewater Middle School at the Southern Lakes Advanced Learner Network Math Meets on January 15. While no trophies or medals were earned by Whitewater students they tried their hardest, had fun, and represented our school well. 

Our 5-6 team came in 3rd place (out of 8 schools in their division) behind Hartland-Lakeside and Merton. Henry Gehrenbeck and Andrew O’Toole just missed receiving high individual medals by placing third and fourth high respectively. Alex Clarkson and Ava Nygren also had very high scores close behind Henry and Andrew and within the top 12. Hartland-Lakeside and Merton also dominated the 7-8 Math Meet event. 

Our 7-8 team came in 6th place (out of 8 schools in their division) and placed above Clinton and East Troy. Jared Apgar was the highest scoring student on our 7-8 Whitewater team followed by Cole Schlicher and Emma Clarksen. Other members of the 7-8 team included Jazmin Cederberg, Peter Portwine, Silas Baker, Emerson Ellenwood, and Emilia Houwers. It was an exciting, high energy event and a tough day.

There were 72 math teams competing represented by 36 different school districts and 576 students attended the event on the UW-Whitewater campus.

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