Schwager Drive on Campus Partially Closed for Construction (Updated)

Starting Monday, May 22, Schwager Road will be closed from Warhawk Drive to Koshkonong Drive.  The closure will last from May 22 through Sept. 1. Please note:

  • There will be no access to Lot 22 during the closure. [See map below for numbered parking lots.] Access to Lot 24 will be allowed at the Warhawk Drive/Schwager Intersection only. This intersection will be under construction, so proceed slowly.  
  • No pedestrian traffic will be allowed in the work zone, and pedestrians should not try to cross Schwager Drive to access the athletic fields at any location other than the Warhawk/Schwager intersection. This may greatly limit access to disc golf.  
  • Access to lot 11 will be off Warhawk Drive.  

Signs and barricades for the detour route have been posted. 

Update 5/26 @ 9:15 p.m.: A reader provided this additional information: Drivers should be alerted that although there is no signage at Tratt Street, Schwager Drive is closed from the point of the left turn the other side of the hill.  Also, walkers and bicyclists also might like to know before heading there, that the pass-through gate to the trail next to Miller Stadium is locked.

Editor’s note: The above information was posted on the UW-W announcements page.

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