Recount “Highly Likely” for Aldermanic District 5 Seat

City Clerk Michele Smith told the Banner that “it is highly likely there will be a recount for the Aldermanic District 5 seat.” In Tuesday’s spring election, incumbent Gregory Majkrzak received 62 votes and Neil Hicks, 60 votes. The district consists of the entire portion of the City located in Jefferson County.

The Board of Canvass, which will declare the winners of the Common Council election, meets on Friday, April 9 at 2:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building Community Room. The members are Beverly Stone, Joyce Follis, and Marion Burrows. It is anticipated that as soon as the results are finalized, Neil Hicks will request a recount. The anticipated two vote margin is well within the criteria that allows a candidate to file for a recount at no cost.

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