Reaching Out Respite Program Grows

Editor’s note: The following news release was received from Fort HealthCare.

The Reaching Out Respite program offers a 1:1 ratio of supervision, meaning that every guest has a volunteer to assist them. The volunteers play games and music and offer their undivided attention that the guest may be missing. Maisie Allie, who has been the program coordinator since 2005, states, “I have learned so much from our guests. It has been a rewarding journey as they have so much to offer and teach us. It is truly a special program with special people.”

In 2020, like many businesses and services, the Reaching Out Respite program had to shut down due to the pandemic. Fortunately, the program is active again and growing. There is currently a list of guests waiting to join the program, specifically in Fort Atkinson. As a result, Reaching Out Respite is seeking volunteers to help keep up with the program’s demand. Maisie continues, “We are looking for individuals who are compassionate, caring, and understanding. Most of our volunteers have experience as retired nurses, teachers, or caregivers; however, experience is not necessary. Our volunteers are mainly here to offer companionship and support as I take care of any medical needs that the guest may have.” 

If you or someone you know would like to take the next steps and help bring moments of joy to a population that has given so much, call Maisie at (920) 723-7288 or visit the Reaching Out Respite page at

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