Postal Services during COVID-19: Update from Sherrie Benes, Postmaster

Since we have been given no media update to share with our community yet, I will try to answer some of the questions you may be having.

Yes, the post office remains open, which includes delivery and normal retail window hours.
This does not mean it’s a good time to come to the post office to buy those essential stamps though!

If you do need stamps, and you don’t have a ‘stamps by mail’ envelope, here’s how you can improvise: Put your check in an envelope and write POSTMASTER on it with our zip code, (zip code, just in case it accidentally gets put in the outgoing mail. This way we know it will get back to our office!) Then place it in your mailbox with the flag up and your carrier will pick it up!

If you are a ‘snowbird’ and want to end your temporary forwarding early, you have a couple of options: The preferred method would be to go to and request to put your mail on hold until you get back. In the comment section, please state that you would like to stop your temporary forwarding, and we will handle the rest! If you would rather speak to someone directly, please feel free to call. (I just know, we were very busy with lots of phone calls yesterday! But either way, we are here to help you!)

If you have a package delivery that requires a signature: First, carriers are being instructed not to touch door bells, but rather knock. If you are home to receive it, the carrier will now be asking for your permission to act as your ‘agent’ and initial their own name for you. This is to keep our carriers’ scanners, (that you would normally sign on), in their own hands. It protects them, along with you!

If you receive a form in your mailbox that says ‘sorry we missed you’-again, you have two options. You can sign the back instructing your carrier you would like it redelivered and put it back in your mailbox. (Please check the box that you would like your carrier to be your agent, so they can leave it!) This would take longer to receive your item, which is why I would suggest using the second option of going to our website.
On there is the option for redelivery. In the comment section please add that you are giving your consent to have your carrier sign for it (if it requires a signature).

I hope I answered at least some of the questions you may have had, but now I need to ask a few things from all of you!

In the last two weeks with more people working from home and kids home from school, please be aware of your mailman and when you let your furry friends out!
In the last two weeks, we’ve had more than two instances where dogs showed aggression towards your mailman. They both are doing their jobs (one is protecting his loved ones, while the other is delivering your mail) and sometimes they just can’t be co workers and work on the same shift!
We all (including our pets) are a little ‘out of sorts’ with all that’s going on, and we just need to be a little more aware, or a reminding of some things….
Thank you for your understanding!

I would like to end with a reminder on how blessed we all are, to live in such a compassionate, caring community! We look out for one another, and are there to protect our friends and loved ones.
Let’s not allow this epidemic to get the best of us…

Courage, compassion and caution in equal parts, and we’ll get through this…💞

Sherrie Benes

Banner comments: We’d be inclined to refer to Sherrie as our Postmistress, but here’s the official word from USPS: “Over the course of its history, the United States Postal Service has employed women as postmasters – from a single woman at the birth of our country in 1775 until today, when more women than men head United States Post Offices. Although sometimes popularly referred to as “postmistresses,” their official title always has been ‘postmaster.’ ” While the Banner has the “floor,” for future reference, when we’re past the outbreak concern, did you know that you can still get local mail delivered on the next postal day? There’s a limit of 2-3 pieces per day, but if you are mailing something that you’d really like to have delivered locally the next day rather than going out-of-town to be sorted, just ask the friendly clerk for a local postmark. We are grateful that Sherrie is willing to extend this courtesy.

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