“Portals to the Past, Portals to the Future;” The Whitewater Arts Alliance Public Art is up!

The Public Art is up on the light poles in downtown Whitewater! The Whitewater Arts Alliance would like to thank all of the artists, volunteers and sponsors of the 2019 Public Art Project, “Portals to the Past, Portals to the Future.” 

The following artists chose a person, place, or thing of past significance to the history of Whitewater, or a vision of what they see in the future for Whitewater:  Joanna Marr Baker, Dawn Hunter, Derek Hambly, 4th and 5th grade Lakeview students, Janet Nelson, Linda Preussner, Issak Miklik, Daniela Porras, Everett Long, Karolyn Alexander, Whitney Scherr, Erika Schwalbe, Alfredo Gomez, and Morgan Stillwagon.

This project is possible thanks to the sponsors:

Ginny Coburn
Charles and Shirley Scharine
Mike and Laura Grubb
H. Gaylon and Hannah Greenhill
Marjorie Stoneman and Joseph Kromholz
Ellen Penwell
Ken and Susie Kidd
Everett and Ellen Long
Susan Mealy
Hugo Tscharnack
Dental Perfections
Fort Community Credit Union
Delores and Ernest Engel
Kristen Burton Boostrom
Olm and Associates
Megan and Larry Matthews
Audra Lange
First Citizens State Bank
Caryl Yasko
Kerri Kachel

Mary Nevicosi, chair of the exhibit and WAA board member said, “The WAA thanks Carol Cartwright for her fun and informative presentation of Whitewater history at the January kick-off, David Linton for making sure the hanging holes were correct, Home Lumber for cutting the wood, the sponsors for making this project possible, the artists who shared their talent and time, and a special thanks to the city crew and Chris Munz-Pritchard for their enthusiastic help in hanging the pieces. We hope that, as part of their summer enjoyment, people will stroll in downtown Whitewater and enjoy the beautiful original art!”

Additional information on the Public Art Project can be found at the Whitewater Arts Alliance website www.whitewaterarts.org or via a walk-along video-tour on the StriveOn app. The application is free for mobile phones, and it allows people to watch artists’ interviews and find the name of the pieces and the artists as they stroll in Whitewater.

The mission of the Whitewater Arts Alliance is to promote the visual and performing arts through an alliance of artists, individuals, educational resources, and organizations to promote creativity and diversity that will serve to educate and enrich the lives of the residents of the Whitewater community and surrounding areas.

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