Open call: AUDITIONS for “A Place with the Pigs,” the first play of the UW-W Theatre/Dance season Actors / Dancers / Musicians

A Place with the Pigs by Athol Fugard

Auditions will take place through video submission and face to face. You can try-out either way. A callback audition is also possible for this production and, if needed, you will be notified. Otherwise, casting will be announced by 9/6.
•       Video audition submissions will be accepted until Friday, September 3
•       Live auditions will take place from 7:30PM-9:30PM on September 3 in the Barnett Theatre on the UW Whitewater campus (Greenhill Center of the Arts)
If you will be submitting a video audition please record and submit video to the production director, Bruce Cohen (

•       PERFORMANCE DATES October 12 – 15 @ 7:30 pm & October 16 @ 2:00 pm

•       REHEARSALS: Begin September 6. Monday – Friday from 7:00 – 10:00 pm (some Saturday and Sunday meetings will be scheduled as well. Weekend availability is necessary during the week prior to opening).

*This is a live, face-to-face theatrical production. If needed, we will shift to adhere to UW Whitewater public health mandates. This may change with short notice and changes could include masking, distancing and virtual technologies.

This is an open call and the entire campus and community are invited.
You do not have to be a Theatre/Dance major or UW Whitewater student to audition. Prior experience is not necessary. Additionally, this production will be cast exclusive of gender definition. Regardless of identity, you are invited to audition for any of the roles available.

Reminder for UW-Whitewater BFA & Pre-BFA Performance Students:
ALL admitted BFA-Performance students and ALL pre-BFA-Performance students are required to audition for all productions and accept any production assignment as given.

Please read the play prior to accepting a role.
If you have any questions that have not been answered, please feel free to contact Bruce Cohen (


A Place with the Pigs by Athol Fugard
The plot of A Place with the Pigs is based on an absurd but true story, this poignant and sometimes hilarious tale is about a Russian soldier who deserted during World War II and spent ten years hiding in his pigsty. As the play begins, Pavel Ivanovitch Navrotsky is preparing to rejoin the world and throw himself on the mercy of his countrymen, but his wife has used his old uniform for rags and he refuses to wear the suit she has pressed. Instead, she goes alone to the ceremony to unveil a monument to the war dead and returns reporting that the townspeople wept at the mention of him and his martyr’s death fighting fascism. Also, a local bigwig proposed to her now that she is officially a widow. What should she do? Will Pavel Ivanovitch ever be able to leave the pigsty, or is it his only safe haven?

•       Pavel: Pavel is a Red Army deserter. At the beginning of the play Pavel is a decade into self-imprisonment in the sty. Age: 28-38. Pavel owned a pig farm before conscription. Pavel may sing and dance.
•       Praskovya: Praskovya is Pavel’s spouse and enables the self-imprisonment. Praskovya has been running the farm and concealing Pavel from the citizens of the town. Age: 25-
35. Praskovya will sing and dance
•       The Pigs: The Pigs are both fantastical and tangible. Because of this, the production intends to include a dance corps of 2 to 6 that will portray these elements.
If you are auditioning for Pavel, Praskovya or the Pigs/Dance Corps, please prepare the following (this applies regardless of video or live):   
•       A two-minute monologue from a contemporary play or a two-minute cutting from A Place with the Pigs.
•       16-32 bars of an a Capella folk song 
•       A detail of your movement/dance training and experience (if you are able, please include a brief segment of dance/movement on your video submission; or a link to an example of your work).

Musicians: Music and sound will be an important part of this production. We would like to include live instrumentation on stage. Musicians will be considered part of the performance ensemble. 
•       If you are auditioning for live instrumentation, please submit your performance resume and sample of your work. We are especially looking for players comfortable with improvisation and familiar with interwar jazz and Eastern European/Slavic folk styles.

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