New Business Spotlight: En Fuego Ballet

En Fuego Ballet has opened its studio downtown at 174 W. Main Street, offering adult and children’s ballet classes. Adult beginner classes are Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturday. Participants need no prior dance experience, as in the beginning the focus will be on flexibility. The class is designed to slowly introduce the forms of ballet and barre at the pace of the individual. For children’s classes, there is the opportunity to learn the basics of ballet positions and terms. For beginning classes students will learn simple moves as they begin to advance further into ballet. Ballet II will not be offered until 2021. There is an option to learn tap as well.

The studio also offers Fuego Fusion, a free community dance class on the last Friday of every month.

Jessica Solis Cano, owner of En Fuego, has been dancing for 20 years and went to UW-W for dancing. She said that she is excited to “offer the opportunity for others to learn to dance.” A goal for the company is to be in the Fourth of July parade.

What does “en fuego” mean? Loose translation from Spanish: “on fire” or “performing extremely well.” For their website please click here.

(Portions of this article were reprinted from the Royal Purple of March 9, as the Banner had not received a reply to its inquiry of En Fuego.)

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