New Banners for Downtown

City crews and Downtown Whitewater, Inc. volunteers removed holiday snowflake decorations and installed new light pole banners.

In 2018, Downtown Whitewater, Inc. designed and printed new light pole banners for the downtown area. It was a unanimous decision by the board of directors to put into production something that was different from logo-based ones of the past.

Board President Lisa Dawsey Smith says, “We’ve added a message to banners because one of the most important parts of any city/neighborhood/area is a sense of community. We hope that each member of the community will feel the same sense of connection to Whitewater that we do. Whether you are simply passing through, here for a degree, or here for a lifetime we truly hope that Whitewater will always feel like home to you.”

There are four different images on the banners: One a traditional Wisconsin fish fry, photographed with the assistance of local restaurant 841 Brewhouse; one a multigenerational family image photographed by UW-Whitewater graduate Leslie Jones; one a photo of a child playing with sidewalk chalk also photographed by UW-Whitewater graduate Leslie Jones; and one a photo of Fran Achen provided with permission by the family of Fran Achen whose studio was located in the Downtown.

Downtown Whitewater, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization spearheading community efforts to re-energize and enhance our historic downtown. We are community advocates and volunteers who share a passion for Whitewater. We bring people from all walks of life together to celebrate Whitewater’s history and traditions, to care for our downtown neighborhood, and to inspire confidence and investments that are flowing toward an economically vibrant, engaging and exciting place in the heart of Whitewater – a place we love, a place we’re proud to call home, and a place where future generations can grow and take pride in calling their own.

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