Local Radio Stations Change Hands

December 17, 2019 

Per a press release from Kalil & Co., Tucson, AZ, a contract has been signed and an application is being filed with the FCC for the transfer of radio stations WFAW-AM and WSJY-FM, Fort Atkinson; and WKCH-FM, Whitewater; from NRG Media LLC to Magnum Communications, Inc. 

The Seller, NRG Media, LLC, is an Iowa-based company headed by Mary Quass. “We have been fortunate to have worked with the great people at the stations in Fort Atkinson for many years. The dedicated broadcasters at the stations will continue to provide the Fort Atkinson community with great local radio, and know they will contribute to the success of Magnum Communications going forward.” 

The Buyer, Magnum Communications, Inc., is a Wisconsin-based company headed by Dave Magnum. “I’m a sentimental person so two aspects of these acquisitions really struck me. First, my maternal Grandmother grew up on a Fort Atkinson farm. My Mom and her remaining siblings get together at Lake Ripley each summer in her honor. 

Second, we’re again getting to work with NRG. Back in the 90’s, my late wife, Lynn, had the chance to speak with Mary Quass several times at conventions. I told Reid and Ty that she considered Mary a role model. In 2007, five years after Lynn passed, I acquired three stations from NRG. That transaction went as smooth as silk. We look forward to the same outcome with the acquisitions of WFAW, WSJY and WKCH.” 

WFAW-AM operates at 940 kHz, with 0.5 kW day and 0.55 kW night. WSJY-FM operates at 107.3 MHz, with 26.0 kW at 676’ HAAT. WKCH-FM operates at 106.5 MHz, with 6.0 kW at 200’ HAAT. 

KALIL & CO., INC. is the exclusive broker for this transaction. 

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