Local Man Wins Award for “Gems of Whitewater” Documentary

On Thursday, May 9th, Wisconsin Community Media presented local man, Michael Hilliger, with an Award of Achievement for his work on a documentary about Whitewater.  “Gems of Whitewater” is a 3 episode series, each about one of 3 different local historical sites in our area.  The Train Depot, the Birge Fountain and the Artesian Well natural spring.  It was made possible by our very own Whitewater Community Television.   Other local people worked on these projects, including Haley Dieter, and Kristin Mickelson.  The shows include interviews with several community leaders with thoughtful insights and historical facts about these “Gems.”  Available to watch on WWTV 990 or google “Gems of Whitewater” to see these locally produced shows.

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