Local grocery co-op start-up opens special access ownership, funded by generous donations

[Whitewater, WI, March 2021] If you’ve hesitated to join the Whitewater Grocery Co., a
cooperatively-owned grocery store start-up, because of cost, there is a donor-funded
opportunity for you to become a full member for just $25.

In February, an anonymous owner generously donated $500 — raising the balance of the
sponsorship fund and making it possible for eight individuals and 10 students to become full
owners. This new ownership option includes all the same rights and responsibilities as any other

“This is a powerful opportunity to bring new members into our community to support a
locally-owned grocery store in Whitewater. This also demonstrates that the GroCo is an
inclusive organization. While there are a number of ways for people to join the GroCo, this
option may be more viable for some. We are also excited to make this offer to students, who are
an important part of the Whitewater community,” board president Katy Wimer said.

“It is our hope that other donors will help support this effort so that we can make this offer to
even more new owners. It’s easy to do by just going to our website.”
Whitewater Grocery Co. has 723 member-owners and is preparing for the next stages of
development which include a capital campaign and leasing a location.

“We’re excited that we’re getting closer all the time to launching our capital campaign and
finalizing decisions about the best location for the GroCo,” Wimer said.

Anyone can sign up to be an owner, a special access owner, or a special access sponsor on the
Whitewater Grocery Co. website at www.whitewatergrocery.co/ownership

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