Lincoln Elementary School Noetic Math Contest Results for 2019-20 School Year Announced! (Updated)

This year twenty-one Lincoln Pandas braved the new world of online math competitions by participating in the Noetic Learning Math Contest.

This contest is a semiannual problem-solving contest for elementary and middle school students that is normally given in school as a paper and pencil test.  The goal of the competition is to encourage students’ interest in math, to develop their problem-solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math.

The Team Winner (the top scorer of each grade-level team) will receive a medal and a certificate.  Students who qualify for the National Honor Roll (the top 10% of students in the nation) will receive medals, web recognition, and certificates.  Students who qualify for the National Honorable Mention (the top 50% of students) will receive ribbons, web recognition, and certificates.  Ribbons and certificates will also be awarded to participants who placed in 1st through 6th place. Due to this year’s move to online schooling, students will receive their certificates and medals at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

Grade 4 Results

1st place, Team Winner, and National Honorable Mention:  Jayden Kehrer

2nd place:    Israel Wence

3rd place: Alexander Morales Alonso

4th place: Evan Leising and Virginia Nelson

5th place: Ben Ehrmann

6th place: Cristian Aranda, Laith Bergstrand, Tyler Babcock, Alondra Verduzco, Kaitlin Fuller, and Alyna Miranda

Grade 5 Results

Of note:  Three of our 4th grade students (Ben Crone, Eli Kuzoff, and James Grabinski) participated at the 5th grade level.

1st place, Team Winner, and National Honor Roll:  Eli Kuzoff

2nd place and National Honorable Mention:  Ben Crone and James Grabinski

3rd Place:  Jacek Egnoski and Xavier Ortiz

4th Place:  Evelyn Alcala and Tylen Bucholtz

5th Place:  Genesis De Jesús Zamora and Malcolm Baker

Congratulations to our Lincoln Pandas!

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