Large Print Restaurant Menus Available

Downtown Whitewater, Inc. and the Whitewater Dementia Friendly Community group have partnered to create large font versions of menus from every restaurant in Whitewater. Physical copies of these menus are available to view at the Discover Whitewater office (150 W Main St), the Irvin L Young Memorial Library (431 W Center St), and the Starin Park Community Building (504 W Starin Rd). There is also a PDF version available for download at click here.

The goal of this project is to make the menus from local restaurants more accessible to all residents. We hope that these menus will make it easier for residents with dementia to enjoy meals out with their family and friends, without all of the stress that comes from not being able to read the menu. The large print menu will also benefit those with vision impairment or any caregiver wanting to plan an outing to a local restaurant.

About the organizations: Downtown Whitewater, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization spearheading community efforts to re-energize and enhance our historic downtown. We are community advocates and volunteers who share a passion for Whitewater. We bring people from all walks of life together to celebrate Whitewater’s history and traditions, to care for our downtown neighborhood, and to inspire confidence and investments that are flowing toward an economically vibrant, engaging and exciting place in the heart of Whitewater – a place we love, a place we’re proud to call home, and a place where future generations can grow and take pride in calling their own.

The Whitewater Dementia Friendly Community’s mission is to create a Dementia Friendly Community that includes effective, ongoing programs to support individuals with dementia and their care partners.

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