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Pictured Right to Left: Geoff Hale,  Jackie Hale, Kian Sonn-LS graduate, Jeff Sonn, FOLS

Geoff, Chris, and Jacki Hale generously donated lumber and hardware to “Friends of Lakeland School (FOLS)” during the 17th “Waffles with Santa” yearly fundraiser to support the local nonprofit charity. The wood and hardware will be used in the shop class at Walworth County’s Lakeland School to build Aldo Leopold benches to develop students’ woodworking skills for employment opportunities after graduation.

Lakeland School was the first rural public special needs school created in America. It was founded by the Superintendent of Schools Sheridan Ellsworth (father of Shirley Scharine – Scharine Group) and the Walworth County Board in 1950.

Lakeland continues to educate students from all 15 school districts across Walworth County. The school remains one of only two stand-alone public special needs schools in Wisconsin. Visit Friends of Lakeland School/FOLS on Facebook to see how the nonprofit’s support continues to enhance the students’ educational and job training experiences with specialized purchases above the public school’s budget since 2002.

Jacki Hale serves on the WW Food Pantry’s Board where Kian Sonn works.

Lakeland Students accepting FOLS donation of two adaptive tricycles made possible by generous donations and proceeds from the recent “Waffles with Santa” event.
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